The change in our education system


If you have yet to catch the latest news, changes are happening in our education system, beginning with the JC syllabus. Refreshed after a decade, the change affects the 9,000+ students that just joined this year. Besides that, even the Primary school Mathematic approach is changing too! While the change for JC syllabus may come as a shock to some, it is essentially not a shocker – evident by how the Open Houses for 2016 for the JCs each had a twist to it.

Back in the days where L1R5 were all that mattered, and JCs never promoted beyond their school grounds, but these days, they are seeing fiercer competition from Polys. With courses being much more varied, and recognition given more to Poly grads as well, as most people find Poly syllabus being more relevant to real life, it is no wonder that students who make the cut for JCs are flocking to other avenues instead. After all, the path to a Uni isn’t via a JC any more.

Now with the change in the syllabus, perhaps more people will consider JCs. Yet, before the news broke about it, here’s what some of the JCs came up with to lure the students in:

Nanyang Junior College
Forget crummy recycle bags and just a pen or two – the items offered for giveaways here are comparable to that of Unis. Thumbdrives, selfie sticks, power banks – there’s even food vouchers given away too, and some of the food offered there included churros and satay no less!

St. Andrew Junior College
Free shuttle buses to the JC? That’s what SAJC rolled out – similar to the Polys when they had their open houses which gives bridging services for those looking around for their Poly options!

Meridian Junior College
If hip and current doesn’t pop into you mind when you think about JCs, you would probably be amazed by MJC. From flash mobs to houses system akin to Harry Potter, they pulled no stops to draw in students by being as relevant to pop culture as they could!