The mind-boggling array of “Corgi Butt Cushions” |

Corgi butt cushion

Corgis are adorable. And so are their little butts. But some people have taken their love of this doggy derriere a little too far. For example, a search for “Corgi Butt Pillows” will reveal a mind-boggling array of cushions – 883,000 search results! – that resemble the pooch’s behind. Here are just some of the more bizarre ones, and we’re not even talking about ones that are listed as “sexy”.

Corgi Butt Seat Warmer

A handy USB wire heats up the cushion

Do you feel like your butt is constantly cold? Then let this cute little Corgi butt cushion – charged via a USB wire – warm your derriere! Simply charge it for 1-2 hours, and your bottom will feel warm for the next 4 – 6 hours. It’s like deliberately sitting on a just-vacated bus seat. But cuter.

Corgi Butt Pillow with Hand Warmer

That’s one large hand warmer

If your hands constantly feel cold, then simply insert them into this Corgi butt cushion which has pockets on both sides. You may look like you’ve been handcuffed by a plushie, but that’s not the weirdest bit: the cushion has a “butthole” (which you can poke a pen in, apparently).

What is the hole for?

Corgi Butt Tissue Holder

Does this feel a little strange?

Need somewhere to hold your tissues while you’re in the back seat of the car? Then this Corgi butt tissue holder will do the trick and it’ll look cute as you yank your tissue out of its soft, fluffy derriere.

Corgi Butt Coin Purse

Have your butt on the go

Have your little Corgi butt on the go with this cushioned zip pouch. Put your coins, cards, or essentials in there. You won’t be able to resist petting the furry protrusion, that’s for sure. There’s also a whole variety of sling purses as well, if you prefer wearing your Corgi butt out.

Corgi Butt Cushion Neck Pillow

Furry support

If your neck feels stiff after sitting for too long, the Corgi butt neck pillow will have you covered. Its soft, furry derriere will give you the support you need. No, it won’t look strange at all…

Corgi Butt Toilet Seat Warmer

Feel the warm fuzz as you do your business

If it feels like the Arctic in your toilet, then let a Corgi butt warm up your seat. Simply wrap this furry cushion around, and voila! You’ve got a cute throne with a butt on it. Even if it looks like you just flattened a furry creature in your toilet.

Corgi Butt Cushion with Storage

Flip this butt pillow to reveal a pocket

What’s better than having an adorable Corgi butt cushion on your bed or sofa? Having one that has a pocket in the back to store your mobile phone, tablet or remote control!

Corgi Butt Cushion Protective Padding

Let this butt protect your butt

What better way to stand out from the crowd when you’re trying to skate, scooter, or snowboard for the first time. Simply attach this Corgi butt padding to your own derriere and when you fall, it definitely makes it more comfortable.

It’s official: Corgi butts are a thing.