Things you can do during this CNY


With the long weekend coming up, have you made plans on how you are going to spend the days? If you haven’t here are some idea that we can help you jog your mind for ideas with!

  1. Catch up on your school work

    For those of you who still have holiday homework from 2015 pending still, now’s the time to finish them all! If you feel like you are trailing behind in studies, it’s also a good time to catch up. We know, it’s a spoilsport to study during all the festivities, but hey, it’s free time after all!

  2. Card games and Mahjong

    Perhaps the only time whereby you can make loads of noise playing these games, we suggest that you make haste and gather a few kakis to do so. Not that we are encouraging you to gamble, but other than now, where can you learn how to play these “traditional” Chinese New Year games? It’ll probably help you bond with your elders too, if you so happen to be unable to gather your friends…

  3. Visit Chinatown

    If you have been putting off going to Chinatown before Chinese New Year due to the crowd, the long holiday period is probably a good time to visit! While the bazaar may be over and there may not be much stores opened or goodies at cheap prices, talk a stroll down Chinatown at night and simply soaked in the lights. Of course, if you are adventurous and would like to visit Chinatown when the clock strikes midnight to CNY, by all means do so and soak in the sounds of fire crackers, cheap deals and load of pushing and shoving.

  4. Visit River Hongbao

    A yearly event at The Float @ Marina Bay, visit it closer to the evening and watch the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac in the form of giant lanterns light up, along with colourful display of handicrafts, ethnic costumes, and tasty food served at the largest outdoor food street in Singapore!

  5. Catch a God of Fortune

    Ok, this may hinder on luck as well. During this period of time, try your luck in catching a God of Fortune, as they will be handing out pieces of paper being auspicious numbers, sweets, or even hongbaos with coins! Different God of Fortunes distribute different items, so in a way, good luck!