Top 5 International Talents you should watch out for at Campus Party Singapore!

Singapore may be a little red dot, but Campus Party Singapore (CPSG) will be buzzing with international talents who are eager to share their exciting and innovative ideas with you.

Whether it’s learning more about the relationship between archaeology and technology or making your very own cyborg cockroach, these presenters hailing from all over the globe will leave you wanting to embark on your own entrepreneurship journey. Here are some of the presenters gracing the event who you wouldn’t want to miss:

Anna, Ola, and Hans Rosling
For Anna, Ola and the late Hans Rosling, their myth-busting non-profit venture Gapminder Foundation has its roots 19 years ago in their living room. Hans couldn’t resist showing his family a colourful bubble graph which he had drawn up, illustrating the income and health conditions of people across different countries, and this led to a collective vested interest in world statistics. After a series of breakthroughs in data research, they went on to aid in the development of the Google Public Data Explorer to democratise public access to data.

As they worked on their project, they were astonished at the staggering amount of people who were suffering from an overly pessimistic worldview. Their conviction to change people’s perspective led to the birth of the book Factfulness, which expounds on the patterns behind common misconceptions people harbour. Beyond that, it provides concrete rules of thumb to tame the melodramatic pessimist in you and aims to instill brand new thinking and relaxing habits. Anna has also pioneered Dollar Street, an interactive website which mimics a street lined with homes to help people visualise how different cultures and people with varying incomes live around the world.

Bill Reith
If you have a deep-seated fear of creepy crawlies, maybe cyborg cockroaches will help you get over your phobia. Bill Reith came up with this idea as a creative way of getting kids to learn about concepts like neural microstimulation and electronics. As the lead developer on the RoboRoach project at Backyard Brains, Bill and his team are committed to deconstructing neuroscience into simple, engaging and affordable activities for kids to learn and try. Bill is currently working on making fully autonomous flying camera drones for Skydio in Silicon Valley. He and his crew aspire towards creating the next future generation of sleek and intelligent flying assistants, fueled by the lifelong passions to materialise their childhood dream filled with sci-fi stories, flying drones, and robots.

Pak Dain
Wayang kulit, or shadow puppetry, has been a quintessential cultural icon of Malaysia for hundreds of years. Beautifully-crafted puppets and compelling tales are weaved together seamlessly to produce an unforgettable show for the audience.

Sadly, this unique art is disappearing as puppeteers struggle to find apprentices to carry on this wonderful tradition. In a bid to capture the hearts of potential young puppeteers, master puppeteer Pak Dain and his team have reinvented a modernised puppet show which spins a thrilling narrative of the Star Wars saga. They stay true to traditional techniques, but also throw in special effects to accentuate the performance. Never-seen-before custom-made puppets of characters like R2-D2 and Darth Vader can be seen whisking across the illuminated screen. The puppeteers had even crafted a model of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Gabe Gabrielle
Ever dreamt of being an astronaut as a kid? Here is the chance to take a step towards fulfilling your childhood dream when you listen to the awe-inspiring Gabe Gabrielle share about his 17-year working experience at NASA. His position as a NASA Engineer has granted him access to the most exclusive parts of a spacecraft, including the Mars Simulation Testing Area.

Gabe’s extensive experience and passion for space travel has compelled him to share his excitement with children by promoting science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and teaching them how to acquire opportunities for careers in these fields. As an idealist, Gabe’s all about having dreams and enjoying life. He hopes to inspire kids to believe in themselves, turn dreams into goals, understand anything is possible and most importantly, to have hope and have fun.

Jesko Von Den Steinen
P.T. Barnum may have revolutionised the circus industry with his fascinating freak shows, but ex Cirque du Soleil performer Jesko Von Den Steinen strives to help businesses be the stars of their industries by bringing the circus to them. He has been involved in over 2,500 performances all around the world, including the show-stopping water performance, ‘House of Dancing Water’.

He’s now working in The Parisian Macao, taking the iterative human process of theatre and bringing it to organisations all over the world. You should be here for Jesko’s one-of-a-kind, dramatic presentation.

Check out these interesting personalities and more at Campus Party Singapore, as well as the following zones at the festival:

  • Campus Party Arena, an innovation incubator zone to foster maximum creativity through conferences, workshops and non-stop challenges, designed to empower, challenge and learn;
  • Campus Party Experience, where inspirational performances, innovative showcases and organically-presented displays and exhibits allow participants to see and touch the future. This area will inspire the curious, co-create possibilities and motivate participants to get involved in new projects, and
  • Campus Party Village, a uniquely-designed campsite to rest, re-charge and build upon informal collaborative opportunities through eating, learning and sleeping with participants from all walks of life.

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