What a Unicorn teaches us about Poop


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.07.06 pm

A young man in the ad tells us that unicorns are good at pooping – so much so that their poop is totally cool and soft-served straight from their sphincter. BUT the point of the ad is not about him selling unicorn poop-ice cream – he’s telling the rest of us that we should poop like unicorns.

It’s a bizarre ad featuring what looks like a knight and a stuffed unicorn, preaching about the benefits of, well, squatting for a poo. While many of us in Asia are used to the concept (almost every public loo has a cubicle), it’s a concept that’s quite barbaric in the west (unless you poop in the wild while camping). Having said that, it’s strange that the ad chose to feature a medieval setting – an era where the sitting loo came about – to get folks to do the squat. Actually science has already proven that squatting makes you poop faster (and more efficiently), but it probably takes a fun ad to bring the message home.

Fancy eating soft-serve from a unicorn’s smooth sphincter? Watch the full ad below – it’ll change your idea of, well, unicorns.