Whiteboard challenge: Sketching Eco Issues

Are you an eco warrior? Are you an artist, or aspiring to be one? It doesn’t matter where on the spectrum you’re from, as long as you’re passionate about our planet.

About the project

THREE final participants will be selected to live-draw their version of eco issues and/or solutions in front of a whiteboard, and filmed in time-lapse. The video will then be shared on various platforms – Campus’ social media as well as other eco-themed exhibits – for Earth Day this year.

Plus, the top three will also receive $200 cash for their efforts!

How do I participate?

We are open to anyone who wants to participate in this worthy cause! Here’s how you can be part of this effort:

  1. Think about an eco cause that’s close to you. It could be about fashion, recycling, waste management, or even wildlife conservation.
  2. Once you’ve gotten an image or idea in mind, do a quick sketch (or a detailed drawing – it’s up to you). This is just a test run for what you’ll be drawing on the whiteboard later.
  3. Bonus points if you can use the whiteboard as a medium for animation that shows off your talents!
  4. Email it over to us at interns@campus.com.sg (deadline is 18 March 2020).

What happens after I submit?

If your eco pitch is picked, here’s how it goes down:

  1. We will arrange and time and place where a studio with a whiteboard and camera will be set up.
  2. You will then get to draw your idea on the whiteboard while we film you from behind.
  3. You’ll probably have 1 hour or so to sketch it out (more if your idea is complex).
  4. You’ll get your cash on the spot, and we will share your time-lapse video across our social media outlets, and maybe even exhibit them at various venues across Singapore.

We hope to see your entry soon! Deadline is 18 March 2020.