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Everyone’s heard of the benefits of networking – you’ll get to meet people and go places that aren’t normally available to your more introverted peers. Networking isn’t something everyone’s good at, but there’s no denying that the power of a strong professional network can directly impact your career success.

It’s important to understand that networking doesn’t only start the moment you get a job. In fact, those in the know start networking while they’re still in school, and never stop networking because they know it’s a permanent part of professional life. 

Living in Singapore already gives you a heads up when it comes to connecting with people from around the world because this is where the world comes together for tourism, meetings, incentives, and more. So, what’s the best industry to take advantage of this internationalisation? The easy answer: Hospitality.

Take advantage of your position with an education in hospitality

The hospitality industry is by nature very international, and the focus is always on people and connections. Managing these people and connections requires a broad range of skills that students of hospitality management easily acquire, including transferable skills in communication, problem-solving, dispute resolution, and working under pressure.

The best place for hospitality education is arguably Switzerland, which has well over a century of history and a teaching model that gives it a rightful place at the top of every league table every year.

One of Switzerland’s most established hospitality schools is Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), which is regularly recognised as having the world’s best hospitality management programme (ranked #1 in the world by QS in 2020, #1 by TNS Sofres, and World’s Best at the World Hospitality Awards). 

When it comes to selecting the qualities you want in a hospitality school, you need to not only consider the academic and practical courses offered, but also the school’s ability to connect students with the industry in general. EHL has a very strong industry network in over 60 countries which it leverages for its international internships – these give students the opportunity to network for future careers. But the benefits don’t just stop upon graduation.

EHL has a strong international network of 25,000 alumni worldwide and over 120 nationalities. Over 70% of EHL alumni hold managerial or executive positions, making great contacts for those just starting out in the industry. While your education lasts only a few years, the support of a strong alumni network can last a lifetime thanks to EHL’s closely-bonded community.

EHL Terrace

With international exposure, your career in hospitality can take you anywhere around the world in a wide range of fields. You can even launch your own business thanks to EHL’s Innovation Village, a business incubator where students are exposed to innovative ideas and trends in the hospitality industry. And with the support of EHL’s global alumni network, you could very well be starting your own business here in Singapore, or elsewhere in the world.

What makes EHL special?

Depending on what you’re looking for in your education, EHL offers 2 unique pathways to a Bsc in International Hospitality Management: academic and professional.

The popular academic pathway is split between its campuses in Switzerland and its new campus in Singapore, enriching students with a well-rounded academic curriculum and hands-on experience. For students based in the Singapore Campus, students take their first semester in Lausanne before finishing their remaining 3 years in Singapore, bouncing worldwide on internships for two semesters in between. For students based in the Lausanne Campus, they take all 4 years in Lausanne and have the chance to do an exchange in Passugg or Singapore. This pathway is ideal for those who seek the best of a dynamic university environment with group assignments and internships.

Alternatively, the professional pathway suits those seeking a deeper physical immersion and are passionate about culinary arts, communication, and hotel management. Students will learn at the hotel-resort setting at Passugg before finishing their final semester at the Lausanne campus.

Singapore campus (left) and Lausanne campus (right)

How to apply

Take advantage of a truly global education with professional network connections. If you’re interested in seeing where a career in hospitality can literally take you, do check out EHL’s website. Start here, go anywhere.