Window to Qatar

Qatar is fast becoming one of the most exciting destinations in the Gulf region. Doha is a world-class city with its arts and culinary scene, topped with soaring skyscrapers.

Dhows are a common sight in the Doha Corniche, which overlooks the city.

1-dhows_cityscape_dsc_06461-spiral-mosque-dsc_9753Not to be missed in Doha is Souq Wakif – one of the world’s last remaining traditional souqs (marketplace). This amazing labyrinth of walkways purvey everything from Qatari cuisine to pet falcons.

1-souk-waqifSouq Wakif even has a dedicated pet alley, where shoppers can peruse for pet birds like falcons. Falconry is an ancient hunting tradition that still thrives today.

1-souq-waqif-pets-alley_dsc_98971-falcon-shop_dsc_0517Head south from Doha, and you’ll hit the magnificent Khor Al-Adaid, or the ‘Inland Sea’. The surrounding desert is ideal for dune bashing rides on 4WDs, sandboarding, as well as paragliding.

1-dune-bashing_parachuteBy nightfall, Bedouin camps are set up and campfire dinners take place. Imagine dining under the stars.

1-inland-sea-sunset_panorama1 Head northwest of Doha, and you’ll reach the UNESCO fort of Al Zubarah, Qatar’s largest heritage site. Once a thriving pearling town and port, this 18th century fortress is now an important archaeological site. Camel rides optional.


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All images courtesy of Andrew JK Tan (Mentorgraphy).