Witness the rare annular solar eclipse of 2019 | campus.sg

Image by ipicgr via Pixabay

For the first time in 20 years, Singapore will witness the Sun turn into a Ring of Fire in the sky! Happening only on Boxing Day this year (26 December 2019), the once-in-a-lifetime annular solar eclipse is an astronomical event where you will witness the day turn into night.

The good news is that Singapore will be one of a few countries where the annularity will be fully visible – even Johor will narrowly miss the annular path! Watch the small black dot in the animation below:

See the black dot?

You should definitely catch this one, because it’s the last solar eclipse of 2019. In Singapore, the Moon will cover nearly 94% of the Sun. During this occurrence, the sky and the surroundings will appear significantly dimmer. The annular solar eclipse will happen between 11am to 3pm.

Eclipse Timeline in Singapore:
• Partial eclipse begins: 11:27 am
• Annular eclipse begins: 1:22 pm
• Maximum eclipse: 1:24 pm
• Annular eclipse ends: 1:24 pm
• Partial eclipse ends: 3:18 pm

Places along the annular path will be able to witness a full Annular Solar Eclipse

Let’s hope the sky is clear.

An eclipse is a result of the moon being positioned in front of the sun, blocking the sun rays and casting a shadow upon our tiny island. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s size appears smaller than the Sun’s, blocking only most of the Sun’s light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus (Latin for ‘ring’).

Simply grab yourself a pair of solar glasses (it’s important to protect your eyes) and gather your friends around for this rare occasion!