Woman eats 5kg of durians at train station, causing nosebleed

Singapore isn’t the only country that bans durians on public transport – they’re also banned in China where they’re growing in popularity.

Last March, a woman actually wolfed down 5kg of durian by herself when she was told she couldn’t bring them on board the train at Anhui station. She had to be forced to stop eating when her nose started bleeding (yes, durian lovers beware)! Ironically she made it in time to catch her train.

During the CNY Spring Festival (aka mass human migration) last Sunday, a Sichuan woman entering a railway station in Chengdu was stopped by security officers because of 2 durians she was carrying. They informed her that, due to their noxious odour, durians weren’t allowed on trains in China. Obviously disappointed that she couldn’t share the fruit with her family in her hometown – and not wanting the fruits to go to waste – she promptly cracked them open (with her bare hands) and ate them on the spot! She also invited passersby to have a share of it since she knew she couldn’t finish it by herself.

Some of us love this King of Fruits, while some of us hate it with a vengeance. But no matter what your stance, do remember this important rule when in China: never travel on a railway with durian.

Or bring them to Australia – back in 2013, Sydney officials evacuated an entire building after they mistook the smell of durian for a gas leak.