Wordle 243 is Causing a Bizarre Pattern Among Players | campus.sg

It may come as a surprise that Wordle is still very much alive, even after it was bought by The New York Times recently. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the difficulty of the puzzle following the buyout, but it seems that the wordplay is still the same – the only difference is that some lewd and off-colour words have been taken out.

For those of you who’re still playing Wordle, the one on 17 February (Wordle 243) has really gotten a lot of people stumped. But it’s not like an obscure or difficult word, nor does it have a double letter.

The word was ‘shake.’

But head to Twitter, and you’ll find a very bizarre pattern of Wordle puzzles posted by those who couldn’t solve it – and the culprit is just one letter.

It’s the second-to-last letter, which in all fairness, can be pretty hard to guess since there are so many possibilities (like all of those guessed in the tweet above).

Here are more players sharing their failed attempts, and you’ll see a pattern:

Here’s one with a golf reference:

Here are screenshots of more unsolved Wordles, with the exact same pattern…

So if you didn’t manage to solve the Wordle, fret not. If you did manage to solve it, how many tries did it take you?