Would you rent a haunted apartment in Hong Kong?

If you’re looking at property websites in Hong Kong to rent, you’ll need to tick all your usual prerequisites: budget, size, location, etc. BUT if you’re looking for a (possibly) good deal, then you may want to tick the box that says ‘is haunted house‘.

This usually means that there’s been an at-home death – apparently a common occurrence – in the property/area; and when someone dies in one of the city’s properties, most Chinese people (and the superstitious) don’t want to live in them anymore for fear of hauntings.

If you’re not bothered about it, the folks at spacious.hk are capitalising on this ‘niche’ search option. Why? Simply because property prices at one of these hung jaak (as they’re known in Cantonese) can be a lot cheaper.

While spacious.hk has listings in Taipei, Shanghai and Shenzhen, they don’t have the ‘haunted’ filter. Yet. Who knows if they’ll make their way to Singapore.