You Can Regrow Vegetables

Did you know that some vegetables that you can get from the supermarket can actually be regrown, even after you’ve eaten all the good bits? All you need is just water and sunshine! Here are four vegetables that you can regrow.

Romaine lettuce

Keep about 5cm of the lettuce butt and place it bottom-down in a bowl that allows the lettuce to lean without tipping over. Make sure there’s enough water to cover the bottom half of the lettuce (refill if the water level is below 2cm). Put it by a sunny window. The next day, you should see growth. By this point, you can transfer and plant them in soil

Also works with: Bok choy, celery

Carrot Greens

Believe it or not, carrots can also be regrown – with just its green tops. Simply keep about 1-3cm of the tops of carrots, place in a shallow container and add water. After a week at a sunny spot, you should see some sprouting carrot greens.

Also works with: Members of the turnip family (beets, turnips, parsnips)

Scallions (spring onion)

You only need an inch of the white bottom of the scallion. Put the stubs in a clear, narrow glass (like a shot glass) and fill the glass with a bit of water. After placing it in a sunny spot after a couple of days, you should see some growth.

Also works with: Leeks


Garlic sprouts can easily regrow from just a single garlic clove – if left untouched, garlic bulbs will shoot by itself. Place the sprouted garlic cloves in a glass with little water and wait for the shoots to grow taller. You can also plant cloves directly in the soil.