The School Holidays List

10 things to keep you occupied during vacationschool

by Yoon Ji Seon

School Vacation is finally here again! If you are still indecisive of how you want to spend your free time, here is a list of fun and exciting things that I recommend you doing. Check out these activities and have a fun and memorable holiday.

1. Arts & Craft (DIY)

Did you know that there are so many things laying around the house that can actually be transformed into something really useful and pretty? These are great ways to make full use of them

  •    Magazine Art : Letters

Use your old magazines and turn them into big and colourful letters to decorate your wallconrad

  • Decorative Tray

Transform your favourite patterned fabric into a fancy new tray for your coffee table, nightstand or side table

2. Cooking

We all eat three meals a day, snack and even eat desserts but how many times do we actually cook meals by ourselves? Besides, we are aware that take away food can be really unhealthy. Try making your own healthy salad.

Simply go to the grocery store and pick up some:salad

  • lettuce,
  • tomatoes,
  • almonds,
  • cucumbers
  • olive oil
  • a bottle of thousand island

(and more ingredients of your preference)

Mix them in a bowl and you’ll be ready to dig in.

3. Exercise

This is a topic that I am really guilty of. Exercising always goes on top of my New Year resolutions every year and I always fail to work out as much as I have planned to. If you are like me, then I think now is the best time to finally break the bad habit. Start by doing some light and manageable activities such as walking or jogging, so that you do not wear yourself out right from the beginning.

4. The Digital Detox

– Staying away from technology and gadgets for a day.

Most youngsters these days are addicted to social media. It is like we are obsessed to check our friends’ Facebook status or twitter updates. Challenge yourself to totally disconnect yourself from the internet, smartphones and computers. Instead, go to a park or a beach with your friends or family to spend a meaningful day.

5. Read a Good Book

Let’s face it, as I mentioned above, we bother to read our friends’ facebook status every day or maybe even every hour or minute but we do not really get around to sit down and read a good book. I still have a list of must read books from 7 years ago and I haven’t read all of those books! So if you can recall that book title you always wanted to read, why don’t you go get them and start reading.

6. Spring Cleaning

We all agree that our rooms can look like a pigsty and we just cannot find the right time to do the major cleaning. Get rid of the all your useless things just sitting around the house, organize your things nicely and mop the floor. You’ll feel so much better after you have done all that.

7. Movie Marathon

I am sure that many of you would have been waiting for this. I do this for a personal therapy session sometimes. You can watch the Happy Potter series , your favourite chick flicks or any types of movies that you like and be a couch potato.


8. Charity

Can you remember the last time you did something good for someone else and felt proud?  Try dedicating your time to help the less fortunate people because I can promise you that it will be worth it. It can be as simple as donating your old clothes to the Salvation Army.

9. Feed Pigeons at a Park

I notice that pigeons these days are just getting fatter and fatter. When I throw some biscuits at them, they will seriously peck nonstop. I find this really hilarious. So why don’t you go to a park nearby and try feeding them. I wonder if they can still fly when they become obese though.

10. An Official Do Nothing Day

At times, we just need a day to just relax and do nothing but something always pop up and our day would be ruined. Now that you have the time, you can officially be lazy and do nothing for an entire day- just like Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”.

So are you ready to have an awesome break? This time round, I will make sure that I will spend a fruitful holiday. If you have any more fun ideas, share with us what you will do in the comment box below. Happy Holidays!















Very nice article, exactly what I needed. Definitely having a movie marathon for this holiday !