Terror Thursday: Accident-al spots


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Singapore has a great network of roads, and because of this, we are able to get from home (albeit through much chaos) in a fair amount of time even when the SMRT breaks down. However, while these roads serve us well, they too may just be terror in disguise. Then there are certain areas that are meant to serve us too, but holds dark secrets as well. For Terror Thursday today, let us take a look at a few of the roads and places that may not look spooky, but are horrifying nonetheless…

Victoria Street

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A busy road with heavy traffic at all times, Victoria Street is used by many pedestrians and motorists daily. However, in 2012, a fatal accident involving a red Ferrari, a taxi and a motorcycle that left 3 dead and 2 injured sparked off a series of unfortunate events. Subsequently in less than two weeks, another accident that was non-fatal occurred near the same spot, this time between two cars and a taxi, and then nearly two months later on the same stretch of road, an accident was reported at the worksite of the nearby Downtown Line,  where the underground scaffolding collapsed and killed two foreign workers. Two years later, near the same accident-prone area, a Lamborghini too crashed into a tree.

One can only wonder what’s up with “two” and that stretch of road…


Junction of Tampines Ave 9 and Tampines Street 45

In 2013, two young brothers were killed at the junction of Tampines Ave 9 and Tampines Street 45 when they were run over by a cement mixer truck. On Dec 6 in 2011, a woman was killed by a car turning right from Street 45 onto Ave 9 as well, presumably at the same junction.


Geylang Lorongs

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While Geylang is best known for being a dangerous (and shady) place, the truth is that the roads around the areas are just as dangerous. From Lorong 7 – 19, occurrence of accidents are a very common sight. On August 21, a white lorry ploughed its way through a coffeeshop on Lorong 11 & 13. Following which, on September 10 2014, a blue Suzuki Swift managed to find its way up the kerb and crashed into a coffeeshop as well. In fact, it was nearly a monthly incident, as three other incidents were noted in October, November and January respectively. You might want to think twice about hanging out at kopitiams here…


Upper Bukit Timah Road

In January 2013, 9 people were hurt in a car and motorcycle accident at Upper Bukit Timah Road, which caused a huge jam. Also, in the same month and along the same stretch, a Hyundai Avante rammed into a concrete barrier and the driver was unfortunately trapped and burned to death in the vehicle. Then there were other instances of accidents too, such as trees falling on cars, and accidents between two motorcycles and a bus…as well as a taxi which took a wrong turn and ended up in the swimming pool of a condominium.

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