Canoodling with Noodle

Creating Personalised Cup Noodles in Yokohama

By Lynn Ooi

Whether you’re student who’s constantly busy, lazy, or simply living on a budget, you’ll be very familiar with instant noodles. It’s hard to imagine life without these convenient dishes, which these days come in all sizes and flavours.

So we head to the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM in Yokohama (Japan), which is more than a museum about the history of the humble instant noodle. Here, you can see a roomful of instant noodles on display, try some noodles from around the world and participate in some hands-on activities which include making your own personalised CUPNOODLES.


Tired of ‘Original’ or ‘Curry’ flavoured noodles, and not feeling the kick from our local flavours like Laksa and Tom Yum? Then flex your noodle-flavour-making skills at Yokohama’s ‘My CUPNOODLES Factory’ – at just 300yen, you not only get to create your own flavour of noodles, you’ll also get to design your very own personal cup!



With 4 soup bases and 12 toppings (including cheese) to select from, you can have up to 5,460 types of different flavour combos! Here’s how it’s done:

For more about the museum, visit

There’s  more to Yokohama than noodles. For more on Yokohama, visit

You can stand a chance to win A 4D/3N TRIP TO YOKOHAMA FOR 2! Click here ( to enter, and you may be on your way to making your own CUPNOODLES.

Cool. Yokohama’s Instant Cup Noodles Museum is one of the places I really hope to visit when I am travelling throughout Japan. 🙂