Comedy Masala @ Home Club

Featuring South African Comedian – Barry Hilton

By Sara Jane Ong, photos credit to Comedy Masala

Comedy Masala – held every Tuesday, 9pm at Home Club , showcases the various stand up comedians entertaining the crowd with 15 min worth of jokes, puns and teases. With crowds spilling out from the club, I had to sit on the floor and squeeze in between more than 50 over people just to get a glimpse of the comedians while they performed.

Home Club at The Riverfront was packed with people on 15 January as crowds held beers in their hands and waited in anticipation while the deejay belted out songs.

This time, at the 120th installment of Comedy Masala, aside from the usual 15 min features of comedians, Comedy Masala presented the audience with a special guest all the way from South Africa, comedian Barry Hilton. Working internationally for 20 years, it was his first time performing in Singapore, and he surely did put up an amazing performance.


Aside from his stereotypical jokes of all people in South Africa were like (namely full of guns and landmines), he brutally teased the audience, making no exception for all the races that were present in the crowd.

What I really loved about the comedians were that they were not afraid to pull out jokes to embarrass the audience (all in the name of good fun, of course). No one was spared, and no one actually bothered that his or her race was being mocked. It actually felt great that many races were gathered together as one.

There was not even a second of silence in the club as everyone was laughing away, and even I was giggling away too, even though I was squashed silly by everyone else gathered there. In my friend’s words, Comedy Masala was “barry” good indeed!