Disney Aims To Melt Hearts With Frozen


A Classic Tale With Great Music

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.42.35 PMBy: Rashida Arsiwala

Frozen, the latest release by Disney clearly exhibits the media giant’s love for music by beginning with the catchiest song sequence between two princesses, Elsa and her kid sister Anna. The movie follows the lives of these two siblings who as kids were inseparable, but as they grow older they’re forced to take on different paths in life because of their fates.  

Elsa – the eldest princess – is cursed such that whatever she touches will turn into ice, which causes a great rift between the sisters – so much so that they spend the rest of their childhood completely cut off from each other. However, Elsa’s curse is not known to the citizens of the country so when Elsa has to ascend the throne, she finds herself not only in conflict with herself, but her sister as well as the rest of the town.

The animation of Frozen is flawless, bearing testimony to the Disney legacy. The soundtrack, too, is sure to appeal to music enthusiasts, as all songs evoke the feel-good factor in viewers. Most notable is Demi Lovato’s rendition of Let It Go, a powerful number that narrates Elsa’s feelings aptly.

Frozen follows the traditional Disney league, with some clichés intact (tall and fair princes and princesses who, despite all intentions to the opposite, need help from a kind and noble man), well-meaning trolls and human-animal camaraderie, but for kids, it will prove a joy indeed, as it will for the undying Disney fan.