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Apps To Bid Your Time

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By: Samantha Pereira and Lakshmi Ganesan

We all know that Singapore transport – be it the bus or the train – often takes its own sweet time to get us around. To combat the long and boring commute that most of us detest and gripe about, we’ve collected a list of apps that will help you while your time away (which we’ve even provided links that direct you straight to the iPhone/Android/BB app store). For those bored with their social circle, these apps do help to keep you busy too, but be warned some of them can be really addictive!

PICTURE PERFECT – Camera360 Ultimate

Now that ‘selfie’ is a word accepted by Oxford, we’re going to be seeing lots more selfies popping up everywhere – which means the selfie game needs to be amped up. As we believe that you must always show your best side, we’ve found an app that will make you look like you’re glowing (naturally that is) with effects like ‘magic skin’. There’s an easy share button too!

[Free for Android users, Apple users & Blackberry users]

FUNNY READS – Cracked Reader Lite

Way before Onion News satire popped up, there was A website that sees the lighter side of everything, you’ll get to read hilarious takes on articles such as The Rise and Fall of Internet Memes to 6 Filthy Jokes You Won’t Believe are from the Bible. Definitely a must for anyone that enjoys comedy, this app will have you gaining some peculiar knowledge too.

[Free for Android users, Apple users & Blackberry users]


Besides its amazing layout, which allows you to flip pages just like a magazine, this app actually combines your newsfeed from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Confused? Don’t be. What the app actually does is connect these social media sites together so you’ll be able to receive information that your friends have posted and view them all in one app. Along with that, you can create your own personal magazine, which means you can combine a bunch of your interests and this app will then fetch all the information that covers them (similar to pinterest but instead of pictures, you get news articles, etc).

[Free for Android users, Apple users & Blackberry users]


The world’s radio is at your fingertips with TuneIn Radio – which means you can give your extensive playlist a break and explore other genres from various countries. You can even choose which radio you want to tune to based on language (Spanish, anyone?), location or category (e.g. sports). With a 100,000 live radio stations and 2 million shows, concerts and podcasts, this app is your new sidekick. But, keep your charger at hand when using this app because it does leave a strain on your battery.

[Free for Android users, Apple users & Blackberry users]


Kawaii-desu ne? (for the clueless that means It’s cute isn’t it?) is exactly what embodies this app. Anyone who is a fan for anything cute and adorable, this app provides it all. For those who used to hoard the Neoprint machines in malls, this app does exactly that by having customisation tools like fun stickers and quirky backgrounds to add to your photos. Time to increase your cuteness levels, people.

[Free for both Android users & Apple users]


Fans of Temple Run or Fastest Fingers First, we’ve got this one for you. Built with brilliant graphics, the aim of this game is a little similar to the concept of Dance Dance Revolution (except that you don’t really need to dance), instead you will have to press the right music notes with your fingers fast enough to create a perfect melody. Each time you pass a round, you progress to conquer another song. Extremely addictive, this game, unfortunately, has a price tag in the iPhone app world.

[For Android users & Apple users (US $1.99)]

With that said, we might’ve missed out many other fabulous apps. Do you have any to recommend? If so, do leave a comment below.