Frozen slabs of joy

New ice cream chain promises respite from tropical heat

By Aakanksha Vasudeva and Roshni Kapur

Marble Slab, an American based ice cream parlour, has made its way into Singapore with the promise of fresh, healthy flavours and low fat options.

Taking its cue from the frozen yoghurt wave that has swept across Singapore over the past year, Marble Slab offers non-fat frozen yoghurt in a variety of fruity flavours.

Choose from the peach yoghurt that bursts with a strong fruity taste at every bite, the blueberry yoghurt mixed with strawberries, or a crunchier option for the nutty ones – the butter pecan yoghurt – with chopped peanuts and butterfingers.

In an inspired twist on the classic ice cream cake, Marble Slab also offers yoghurt cakes, which are lighter on the palate but just as refreshing.

Flavours like the ever-popular cookies and cream and fruity concoctions are likely to delight the weight-watchers.

On the go? Pick up a smooth, blended, yoghurt shake that comes in three flavours – butter pecan, blueberry and peach.

If you’re craving for something tart and refreshing, have a go at one of the fruity sorbets like pink grapefruit and red orange.

While the name Rose may call to mind long-stemmed declarations of love, it is actually a pink grapefruit sorbet, with the freshest and juiciest peaches, lychee slices and strawberry sauce.

For dessert purists who turn up their noses at the words ‘non-fat’ and ‘low-sugar’, indulge in Emerald, Marble Slab’s version of matcha ice cream, which is a mix of Oreos, cake chunks and fudge.

Prefer a safer option? Go for Cocoa – a mélange of brownies, caramel and a smattering of banana slices that will please the chocoholics.


Limited edition sorbets and yoghurt desserts are available till the end of April. For more information, visit