Hundred-Foot Journey


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By Winnie Won

The Hundred-Foot Journey is an American comedy-drama portraying a young Indian boy who is given a rare opportunity to be mentored by a stern yet poised French restaurateur at her Michelin-starred restaurant. Produced by one of the finest directors in motion-picture history, Steven Spielberg and super-successful talk-show host and business magnate Oprah Winfrey, this family-friendly movie is a feel-good movie with its diverse themes of multi-cultural understanding, unlikely romances and the universal importance of family and relationships.

Set in a picturesque remote village in France, the Hundred-Foot Journey is a light-hearted yet touching film. Perfectly cast with Helen Mirren playing the no-nonsense, classy and perfectionist-driven French restaurant owner, who carries the role with ease. The movie was refreshing and the script was well-crafted. The startling thematic twist near the end of the movie, will leave the audience in momentarily shock as the drama thickens like gravy sauce in the protagonist’s pot.

And if you have had enough of explosive blockbusters with aliens and fighting scenes, then this movie would be ideal for you. This movie is highly recommendable, and be sure not to watch it with an empty stomach, since all the cooking, ingredients and tossing of spices will bound to get your tummy rumbling.