Interview with the Cast of Grease


GREASE_4148_Photo_by_JEFF_BUSBYBy Foo Rong En and Claire Leong

On the 25th February, the two of us – Rong En and Claire – were lucky enough to not only view Grease’s first performance in Singapore, but to talk to the cast and crew.

The cast of Grease The Musical is made up of extremely talented people like Stephen Mahy (Danny) who has acted in five other theatre shows, and beautiful Gretel Scarlett (Sandy) who was not only the understudy of Sophie Sheridan in Mama Mia 10th Anniversary Tour, but also the choreographer for Sweeney Todd. Talking to the cast was a brilliant experience – unexpectedly, they were nice and warm people, rather than the haughty and arrogant actors most would expect.

Set in year 1959, Grease chronicles the escapades of ten working class teenagers as they navigate through life in Rydell High. Teenage love and angst comes as a package so it is no surprise that the story revolves around the budding relationship between “bad boy” Danny Zuko and “girl-next-door” Sandy.

GREASE_4229_Photo_by_JEFF_BUSBYIf an electrifying night with hypnotizing dance moves, catchy songs, witty dialog and a feel-good vibe is your kind of thing, the multi-million dollar Grease The Musical fits the bill perfectly. The international cast brimmed with boundless energy, with iconic numbers from the original movie performed with sass and spirit. The renditions of the songs from the hit movie are nothing less than spectacular, complemented by stunning sets that cement the 50’s vibe.

The plot livens as jokes straddle the very edge of propriety, with witty humour and smart quips from the characters veering into risqué territory. As the audience chortle with laughter, the scene changes swiftly to yet another song – and dance number, setting the musical apart from the movie. It is the most immersive and exciting experience to sing, clap and dance ourselves hoarse to the unforgettable songs, including “Summer Nights”, “Greased Lightnin” and of course, the immensely addictive (and unapologetically cheesy) “You’re The One That I Want”. Amidst all the chaos of high-school life, there is unity in romance, where a classic American Diner (complete with neon lights and a full-sized bar no less) is the to-go place for a happy reunion for the teenage characters (might have been the sundaes talking!). That’s the way it should be indeed! A night of unabashed fun makes Grease The Musical a must-watch.

Fun facts:

  • Director Jason Capewell plays Vince Fontaine in the musical and does a superior rendition of “Born to Hand Jive” that is guaranteed to get you in the groove.
  • Grease The Musical is composed entirely on guitar, which is a sheer treat for the ears.
  • The boys do their own hair every show, and can use up to 12 cans of hairspray in eight weeks.
  • Sandy does nine costumes every performance; her last transofmration takes 40 seconds and includes six crew members.