Masks – From N95 to Gas Masks


With the PSI set to sway between the unhealthy and the hazardous range, the air has never been dustier and more acrid than ever! And as more and more people are turning to masks to keep the dust particles out, so are the manufacturers in pushing out the range of their products. Here are some common masks that we see around us – and for the clueless, what they do exactly.

Surgical mask: Keeping absolutely no fine dust particle out, the only respite you probably get from this would be the slight assurance that you aren’t breathing in TOO much of the stench. Of course, some protection is better than none, right?

8210-N95: The most basic mask against PM2.5, it features Advanced Electret Media (AEM) to keep out the fine particles, and there are welded strap attachment and adjustable noseclip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal. Comes in a variation for those with smaller faces as well. Downside to this? It’s hard to keep it in your bags such that it maintains it’s round shape.


N95 respirator: With a valve that keeps the wearer cool, this is similar to the N95 mask, minus the fact that the above is much more suffocative.

V-Flex N95: A variation of the normal N95, the V-shaped pleats expands, thus providing a more comfortable feel. You can also talk more easily with this as there’s more room for your mouth to move. 

Respirator: Normally used for wood works etc, it features two filters – hence no fine particles can get through really! Great for those who are really worried about the finer particles and wants to leave no room for mistakes!

Full-face respirators: For those of you who may find your eyes stinging due to the haze, perhaps the best option would be these. Comes with two filters – the best all round protection ever!

So take your pick – what would be your choice for protection against the haze?