Movie Making Magic

Local filmmaker shares tips for budding directors

By Lim Yan Qian, photos by Eshita Durve 

Film enthusiasts of all ages, ranging from teenagers to adults in their fifties gathered together in a small comfy room to attend The Making of M for Magic LUMIX GH2 video lecture, conducted by Sinema Old School co-founder Nicholas Chee, who is also an executive producer of the infotainment programme.

Chee kick-started the lecture by showing the audience some snippets of M For Magic – an infotainment programme which features local magicians J C sum and Magic Babe Ning.

When asked about his favourite set-up whilst on the go, Chee said it is his Panasonic Lumix GH  2, a set of portable LED lights and a compact tripod. He handed the tripod to attendees for them to get a feel of it, and I was amazed by how light it was.

I am sure having to deal with heavy and bulky equipment is part and parcel of filming, and seeing how minimal his set up, I was even more impressed with the quality shots he created. It really goes to show that it is all about knowing your equipment well and maximizing it to its full potential.

Chee, a meticulous filmmaker, paid special attention to the details.

“Colour tones are like smells,” he said.

Explaining his interesting analogy, he explained that colours are all about textures.

If he were to do a shot at a smelly and dingy back alley, the colour tones would have more grey and brown tones, just like how you would associate a nasty smell with dull colours.

As the lecture drew to an end, the attendees were given a chance to test out the Lumix GH2, one of Chee’s favourite cameras to film with.

He touted the swivel screen as one of its most useful features, highlighting how users can obtain a focal point with just a gentle tap on the screen.

“With a wide variety of affordable cameras readily available on the markets right now, anybody can be an independent filmmaker nowadays,” he advised.

So all of you who have always been aspiring filmmakers, quit lamenting a lack of equipment or opportunity, and start shooting now!