Munchy Monday: Baker & Cook and Boufe Cafe


This week’s Munchy Monday, we will be featuring Baker & Cook, an artisan bakery known for their freshly baked products, as well as Boufé Cafe, a hidden gem within Phoenix Park.

Baker & Cook

Fronted by Global Baker – Dean Brettschneider, Baker & Cook is an artisan bakery that serves up freshly baked goods that are made from top-quality ingredients. Besides the other 2 outlets in Hillcrest Road and Chip Bee Gardens, the latest one at InterContinental Singapore was opened in April earlier this year. This is the first branch to be located in the city area and it was in conjunction with Dean’s status as an ambassador of the InterContinental Hotel.


Food is definitely the “hero” here as each and every one of them is done to perfection to deliver the most satisfaction to the customers.

Darjeerling Earl Grey, Popcorn Tea - $5.50/pot
Darjeerling Earl Grey, Popcorn Tea – $5.50/pot

No tea break is ever complete without a pot of tea and so the first thing we did is to order a pot each. Here at Baker & Cook, they make use of teabags from Tea Pigs of UK to ensure that you get the best tea time experience as you can get. The Earl Grey was decent, but the Popcorn tea was the one that caught our attention and our tastebuds the most. It had the aroma of freshly roasted popcorn and though it tasted bitter – as tea should be – there was an aftertaste of popcorn! Indeed, it was an interesting choice to go with the sweet treats, and the brownie chunk served alongside was soft and a little airy.

Raspberry Jam Doughnut - $4
Raspberry Jam Doughnut – $4

Although simple-looking, this doughnut packs a punch of flavours. The doughnut itself was airy but a tad on the hard side, and would have been even better had it been softer. There was a gracious amount of filling pumped into the doughnut, as it caused the raspberry jam to ooze out as you chew into it, and the vibrant shade of ruby red with pulps of raspberry found in it was a pleasant delight. However, perhaps it was due to the natural ingredients used, we found that it was slightly bitter and not as sweet as we would have liked it to be. Nevertheless, this would be ideal for those who prefer the taste of natural ingredients at its best.

Matcha Green Tea Doughnut - $5.50
Matcha Green Tea Doughnut – $5.50

With its green-tea shade of green, the doughnut was aesthetically pleasing to look at, and was topped with a teaspoon of pumpkin seeds to match too. The sugary coating on the top was a tad too sweet for my liking – especially so if you eat it on its own. However, owing to the fact that the Matcha custard inside was unsweetened, the sweet coating on top actually blends well in terms of taste, such that you get a taste of sweetness and bitterness mellowing out with the soft and spongy donut. 

Salted Caramel Doughnut - $5.50
Salted Caramel Doughnut – $5.50

Of the entire lot, this was our favourite. Atop the sugar coating, sweet icing and toffee sauce adorned it along with chocolate powder which balanced out the entire sweetness of the doughnut. Within the treat, delicious salted caramel filling which had a paste-like texture was like liquid gold that was hidden well-within. If you are into salted caramel, you have to have a go at this one!

Chocolate Truffle Doughnut - $5.50
Chocolate Truffle Doughnut – $5.50

This one had a fluffy, light and airy texture that was lacking in the others. We suspect that it’s because this wasn’t coated with a sugary coating unlike the rest. Instead, coated with chocolate ganache and sprinkled over with milk chocolate flakes, the doughnut packs in a generous serving of chocolate custard that wasn’t too sweet no overly chocolatey. We were expecting this to be overkill but it turned out to be a harmonious blend of 3 different types of chocolate.


Although dimly-lit, the glass walls allowed for natural lighting to seep into the space. It almost makes for a good spot to do some people-watching as you chill out in the afternoon. The sitting area consists of wooden tables and chairs, and portraits against cream white walls. On the other hand, the counter area has reflective walls that make the bakery look more spacious and rocky tiles used for the display adds on to the earthy vibe.


Beverages are pretty reasonably priced, but the desserts are priced a tad more towards the higher end. However, it is still worth the occasional visit to spoil yourself with some delicious and wholesome treats.


Baker & Cook

InterContinental Singapore
80 Middle Road (Store front opens onto North Bridge Road)
Singapore 188966

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun: 8am – 7pm

Boufé Café
by Prabhu Silvam

There’s a cool little space down at Phoenix Park. Sandwiched perfectly between the dining enclaves of Orchard Road and Redhill, Boufé café is a simple yet poignant café that serves up a good mix of food, ambience and exquisite service to match.

There’s no hiding – the best thing about this place is its decadent breakfast spread.


Classic Croque Madame ($19), Triple B ($21)
Front – Classic Croque Madame ($19), Caramel Latte ($5.50)  Back – Smoked Salmon Brunch ($19), Hot Chocolate ($5.50)

Their Classic Croque Madame ($19), a reinterpretation of the classic French Ham and cheese sandwich is a hands-down winner. Covered with a generous dollop of Mornay sauce and gratin cheese, the French favorite is topped off with a sunny side egg that really helps to bring the dish together. A cup of Boufé’s singature Hot Chocolate ($5.50) goes surprisingly well with this sandwich and helps invigorate a malty, chocolate taste to the palate. 

Triple B ($21)
Triple B ($21)

Those with a voracious appetite should head for their Triple B breakfast meal ($21). An abbreviation of “Boufé’s Big Breakfast”, the Triple B consists of Freshly baked buttery croissant served with scrambled eggs, assorted sausages, honey-glazed bacon, sautéed mushroom and fresh greens. The main stars of the the Triple B has to be the melt-in-your-mouth crossaint and perfectly prepared scrambled eggs which pair well with the crispy streaks of honey bacon. A hot cuppa of Boufé’s Caramel Latte ($5.50) does wonders to help wash down this colossus of a meal.

Truffle fries ($13)
Truffle fries ($13)
Spicy Crispy Wings ($10)
Spicy Crispy Wings ($10)
Mushroom Melts ($10)
Mushroom Melts ($10)

A select few of Boufe’s sides, namely their Truffle Fries, Spicy Crispy Wings and Mushroom Melts make for great finger foods if you’re in the mood for a nice chilled bottle of cider or Indian Pale Ale together with a few friends. The Spicy Crispy Wings we had on that day turned out to be a dampener because of its somewhat mild spice levels but while it lacked in punch, it made up for in taste.

One of the highlights of the quaint café has to be the fact that all of its bread and pastries are freshly baked in-house everyday. This translates into fresh, tasteful bread and cakes which help compliment their vast array of breakfast set meals. To top it off, the friendly baristas and service staff are always cheery and willing to recommend dishes or personal favorites – adding onto the magic that is Boufé.


The minimalist Black and White infused layout of Boufé café makes for an ideal dining setting. Pair this with their spartan furnishings and high ceilings; the café induces imageries of English-styled caffs of yesteryears. A plus point is the extended outdoor seating area which provides an excellent view of the lush Phoenix Park greenery.


Despite the fact that Boufé is located in a dining enclave notorious for cutthroat prices, the food and drinks are fairly priced when measured against the generous proportions on display. A simple meal will put you back by about $20 while a nice cuppa and a slice of their famous shortcake will set you back by $12 – a real bargain for the quality of food and the peaceful ambience.


Boufé Cafe

308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park,
Free Parking
Tel: (+65) 6734 7656

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 8AM -10PM
Sat – Sun: 10AM -10PM (All Day Brunch)