Nike Fastinista Workshop

Tips from the pros on being fast and fashionable

Written by Ang Suet Hoon Marion and Jennifer AJ, Photos courtesy of Nike Singapore

One of Singapore’s most well known stylists, Mr Lionnel Lim,  spilled some of his fashion tips at the recent Nike Fastinista Workshop. Now, you’re probably thinking – what is a ‘Fastinista’? It is a term coined for someone who looks fashionable while keeping up speed and Lionnel made sure to fill us all in on how to get the look.

Shelves brimming with bright neons and printed graphics at the Nike outlet in Orchard Central made clear that the Nike Summer 2012 Collection has arrived! A full range of sportswear, from compression tights to light-weight outerwear, were stocked and ready to be sold, but where do you even begin to piece together a fastinista-type outfit?

Conducting the workshop in a fashion runway style, Lionnel showed us how to combine fashion and function together. His models, Power98 DJs Jamie Yeo and Emily Teng strut the stage in their ‘running look’ – it was all about light-layering and neon colours.
Style Guru Lionnel Lim with Power 98 DJs, Emily Teng, Jamie Yeo and JK

Lionnel believes being a ‘Fastinista’ was never about running fast or how far one can run, but rather “It’s all about having fun!” (Sounds good to us!)

During the event, attendees were given a hands-on segment by putting together an outfit that would embody the ‘Fastinista’ look, with the help of fashion advice given by the style guru  himself.

For those who couldn’t be there, fret not, you can be a fastinista too! The flamboyant Mr Lim shared some useful tips on rocking the running getup with flair.

Emily in a running outfit styled by Lionnel

It’s always good to start from a reliable colour to base your look upon. Black is highly advisable. From this basic colour you can then flaunt your creativity in putting together any hues you fancy.

 It’s all about gradation, gradation, gradation

Choosing the colour combination that works is usually where things get a bit tricky. If you’re not sure if this blue goes with that green, Mr Lim gives a very practical solution to this: use gradation. Pick any colour you like and then work with two to three shades of the same colour. Can barely go wrong with that!


Styling needs a focal point, one thing that sticks out to give the extra oomph to your overall look. So don’t hesitate to have fun and put on that neon bandana or vibrant socks or polkadot wristband or whatever floats your boat. As Mr Lim puts it, “Don’t be afraid to clash the colours!”

Ruby Tan picks her Fastinista look