Opening of Smoothie King in Singapore

Celebrating the debut of Smoothie King!







By Ankur Gupta, photos by

Smoothie King. The name didn’t ring a bell until I read the email saying that it was opening its first store in Singapore. Wondering what the buzz was all about, I went to check it out.I researched about the company and found out that it has over 700 operating locations mainly in the US and secondly in South Korea. The media opening was scheduled on the 11th of December. When I got there, the store looked brand new. The crew was busy working and preparing food for the opening ceremony and organizing its utensils for the following day scheduled public opening. The CEO, Mr. Wan Kim was there. The head from New Orleans, Mr. Bob was there along with consultants from Rice Communications. They were busy interacting with fellow crew members and other reporters alike. By talking to Mr. Bob, I found out a little bit about the history of Smoothie Kings and found out that it has plans to expand beyond Singapore and into other regions in Asia.

The opening was announced by Mr. Wan Kim himself. He introduced himself and why he opened a store here in Singapore. The staff then bought us some of the sample smoothies to taste and judge on. I tasted the ‘Angel Food’ and the ‘High Protein- Almond Banana’ smoothies. After that we were bought the ‘Walnut Salad’ and finally the different wraps that they made. They included ‘Chicken Breast Wrap’ and a ‘Vegetarian Wrap’ consisting of cheese, tomato, and spinach. The food tasted good, though the smoothie reminded me of the drinks in the druit juice stall available in NUS. The difference they advertised was that the smoothies contained more vitamins and protein compounds, which made it healthier than other alternatives.

While I was attending the event, there were people staring curiously at the newly opened stall. They are going to be able to satisfy their curiousity on the 12th of December 2012.