Smart Living

A whole new way of living at home, with Samsung’s latest technology

By Ankur Gupta, pictures by Samsung

Looking to share precious memories with your family even with the distance? Share videos right from your camera and onto your family’s television screen and more, with Samsung Smart Home.

Held at Ritz-Carlton Residences, The Samsung Exhibition featured the cutting edge smart home system, which is a collection of the latest-technology products developed by Samsung.  With the Samsung AllShare, products are able to integrate with each other, imparting added functionality to each ordinary device thus making your stay at home truly ‘smart’ and convenient.

For example, with the Samsung EX2F camera – it takes pictures packed with 12.4 Megapixels. You can also easily snap a picture or shoot a 1080p HD video and instantly share it with other devices using the in-built Wi-Fi feature. To add to the convenience factor, you can display all of your work on a 75-inch television that allows for the best viewing.

Need some music to liven up the atmosphere? Connect your audio dock  to your television wirelessly by using the AllShare system. The dock also contains a USB port if you want to directly play music from your portable hard drive.

For the young professional – the Galaxy Note II is the latest device in the smartphone-tablet computer market. The Galaxy Note II features sensors that detects the position of the pen over the screen without the user needing to even touch it. This means that you can simply hover over icons of existing photo albums to display their contents.

Last but not least, everyone needs a handy laptop to carry their work around. The ATIV Smart PC Pro laptop allows you to detach your screen and carry it around as a tablet PC. It offers the newest Windows 8 operating system and both multi-touch and stylus input features. Perfect for ‘work on the go’  and presentations in the office.