STAGED 12/13: The world in 150 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

First concert event organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s very own Student Union (NPSU)ngee an

Photos and Review by Pang Wan Yee

Have you ever wondered what “The world in 150″ means to you? Everyone has a different way in interpreting what this means to them. In order to allow Ngee Ann Polytechnic students to showcase their talents and interpretations of it, the newly formed Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student Union Entertainment committee came up with their first production- Staged 12/13: The World in 150.
The world in 150 is a concert which features various performances by local artists as well as Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s very own talents. A few of the local bands that performed include The Summer State, Godzilla as well as Giveth.

These local bands focused on performing Rock music, whereas Ngee Ann’s very own talents such as Dylan and Siying, Amos Lim, Irwin Tan, Truth Be Told and 2Boboiis focused more on acoustic as well as instrumental music.
One of the local dance groups, Urban Terrain Groovers also showcased their perception of “The world in 150” through their hiphop dance during the concert!

To kick start the concert, Ngee Ann’s very own Baracuda Batucada hyped up the audience mood with their addictive samba percussion tunes. Light sticks were also provided to the audience to encourage them to be involved in the concert!

The whole concert comprised of performances such as hiphop dancing, rock, acoustic and instrumental music as well as mash-ups created by the talented performers.

The atmosphere of the concert for the entire 150 minutes was ecstatic due to the amount of enthusiasm of the performers and their interaction between them and the crowd. To say that the concert was ‘great’ is an understatement because it left the crowd wanting and yelling for more!

It was no doubt a successful event and I foresee that the response will be more overwhelming if there are similar events in future. For more information, check out to be updated on future events organised by NPSU.