Staying awake in class is no longer impossible


Fotor0429103056Trying to stay awake in class has got to be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’ve been prowling the Internet all night, and you have to wake up to a morning class that lasts for 2-3 hours straight. We’ve been there, which is why we’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks to stay awake in class. Don’t forget to thank us later!

Snack healthily

Stay away from sugar loaded food even though we all tend to reach for it when we’re feeling lethargic, this way you save yourself from the sugar crash that happens even to the best of us. A sugar high definitely keeps you up, but that come down period when your body has digested it all will have you snoozing in class, and you won’t even be able to control it with willpower.

Take a walk

The idea of taking a walk on a sunny day might turn you off if you hate perspiring but trust us with this because it’s impossible to fall asleep if you have the sun shining at you mercilessly (don’t try to outwit us by wearing shades). Besides, you also get to rest your eyes by staring into the greenery and that’s not even the best part – the best part is when you stay healthy by absorbing Vitamin D through the sunrays.

Eye drops

After hours of staring at your computer screen, eye drops are perfect to refresh your eyes instantly. You can even prank your friends that you just lost your beloved partner and have fun watching their awkward reactions. However, do not overuse the amazing eye drop as you can be addicted to it and as we all know, addiction is never a good thing. Excessive usage of eye drops can cause you to have headache, and even feel nausea so be careful.

Pressure points

In order for this method to work, you have to identify your pressure points on your earlobes and wrists. For earlobes, rub the area above your lobe between your thumb and index finger. It helps to keep you active and also causes blood to rush up towards your eyes and to your head. As for wrists, put the inside of your wrist against something cold like a metal bar or ice cubes and for sure, the coldness will keep you awake.

If all of the listed points don’t work, stay calm and don’t panic. Maybe all your body really need is a long sleep so don’t be stingy and devote your weekends to it. May the odds be with you to stay awake during classes.