Strange things people bring or buy from overseas


by Rin Yeo

We all know of someone who has been overseas for an extended period of time, be it for work or for studies. In one way or another, there’s bound to be something on this list that they have brought over with them or have bought them when they were overseas – whether they admit it or not. Despite the fact that they are simply too ludicrous to think that anyone would travel that lengths to get them.

Check out the list below and see how many of them you have heard about!

Instant sauces

You probably miss your mum’s cooking soon enough, or maybe the array of food available at the hawker centres here in Singapore as compared to where you are heading. With these quick and easy solutions, I guess packing a couple won’t harm anyone?

Instant noodles 

Raise your hands if you have ever seen cartons of instant noodles being brought along on a trip, be it that someone is bringing it overseas, or buying it back from overseas. For some odd reason, instant noodles are a hit, although we aren’t quite sure why – I mean if they were different flavours, yeah, sure, but sometimes some people just buy cartons of one single flavour (won’t you get sick of just eating the same thing every single day?!)

The entire bedspread – bolsters, pillows included

They’ve been with you long enough, we get that. But truly, is it really necessary to bring the entire bed worth of stuff along with you? Won’t your bed be lonely then?

Rice cooker

Rice is a daily staple in our meals, and probably because of that, you would want to bring one along with you, lest you need to cook rice with. After all, it could be of use to you, especially if you get a flight delay (such as in the case of the guy who was spotted cooking up a meal at Hong Kong’s airport after he missed his flight…)

Now, for the weird things that people have bought from overseas:

Toilet seats

 It is a well-known fact that Japanese toilet seats are unique – where else can you find one that comes with that many functions? Apparently China tourists think so too, which explains why they are all flocking to Japan to stock up on these. Rather unfortunately though, these seats…are made in China.

Fresh produce

They may be sweeter, tastier, or probably not available in your country, but some people just seem to bring the whole market back together with them instead when they travel…

What other interesting things have you seen that people bring with them or buy from overseas (take a look around the airport and spot those boxes!)? Do let us know in the comments below!