The Creepy Cakes of Katherine Dey

Custom cakes in Singapore are cute and charming, but that’s not all you’ll get from New York baker Katherine Dey. Some of her designs will Creep. You. Out.

Here’s a taste.

In the tradition of gross out cakes (think Kitty Litter Cake and Brain Jello Cake) Katherine’s design tastes are as broad as they are disconcerting, from Baby Skull Cake,

to Hissing Cockroach Cake with Boston cream filling.

Feeling hungry yet?

Her creations are really tastier than they look. Made from cake flour, marzipan, and modelling chocolate, they’re so good, she claims no one ever refused a taste. Drawing her inspiration from things that give the illusion of something else, or look gross but taste great, she paints her amazing designs using just food colouring and frosting mixture. Mm, roadkill birthday cake anyone? 

Beyond skin-crawling confections, Katherine has also gone down the conventional appetising route, such as a honeycomb cake,

a squash basket cake,

Wallace and Gromit on the moon,

and even a…

A whiz with the oven, and a skilled body artist (her work would make Attack on Titan cosplayers jealous)

Katherine also casts weird and wonderful moulds, like a zombie baby chewing through her pregnant belly.

Truly an artist of both scary humour, and talent.


By Vincent Tan

Feature image belongs to Katherine Dey