10 Dishes Worth Travelling For

By Vincent Tan

The unique local cuisine is a highlight of any trip. Here are 10 local staples that just might get you globetrotting.

South Africa

Bunny Chow

bunny chow copy

Image belongs to Robert Rutherford 

Much like a soup in a bread bowl, this popular fast food is a scooped out loaf of white bread filled with Indian curry. Costing as little as 10 rand (S$0.93) for vegetarian curry, this messy satisfying meal also comes with chicken or mutton curry.



Tagine copy

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This meat and vegetable stew is cooked in a conical pot allowing moisture to be retained and a browning effect to change the taste. Tagine recipes prepared the traditional coal fired way include lamb with raisins, chicken with dried apricots, and meatballs with tomatoes and eggs.


Roast Beef on Weck

beef on weck copy

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A speciality from the city of Buffalo in New York, it is a Kaiser roll sandwich stacked high with slim cuts of roast beef, topped with pretzel salt and caraway seeds, and served with a fresh pot of shredded horseradish.



arepa copy

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This corn bread is eaten every day, as snacks or meals, stuffed with cheese or egg, or accompanied with butter, cheese, tomato, egg, beans, pork or shrimp.


Lahpet Thoke (Tea Leaf Salad)

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Image belongs to Charles Haynes 

The quintessential snack in Myanmar, the pickled tea leaves (sour with a slight bitter taste), roasted peanuts, crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds and fried garlic are arranged separately on a platter for each diner to choose from and mix.




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This dish has been a staple in Hawaii for centuries. The tuna (fresh, raw and cubed), is mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, sea salt, chili pepper, sweet onions and chopped seaweed to make a flavoursome sushi salad that is arranged over steaming rice.


Jerk Chicken 

jerk chicken

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Served in jerk huts, the chicken is marinated in allspice, thyme, scotch bonnet chillis, ginger and spring onions overnight, before being grilled over a bed of pimento wood, bringing out all the flavours.


Mole Sauce Chicken

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Savoury mole sauce can be made from up to 100 ingredients and combines the flavours of nuts, chili peppers, and sometimes even chocolate. It is so good, people often soak up the excess with bread.



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It is the national dish of Jordan, and consists of lamb cooked in salty yogurt sauce, served with rice and garnished with pine nuts and almonds, an exotic treat.




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Meaning “little Frenchie”, this sandwich is filled with ham, smoked pork sausage and steak, covered with melted cheese and drenched with tomato sauce.