5 Cheap Healthy Meals For Students

When you’re a student, every dollar counts towards paying the bills, and a major portion of those costs usually come down to food. Here are some cheap, healthy meals, that above all else, are easy to make and can save you some cash.


Eggs are inexpensive and provide a high source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The perfect thing about omelettes is that you can have it at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you don’t have a pan, no problem; you can also cook omelettes using a microwave. The other benefit of making omelettes, is that you can throw scraps of food in from last night’s dinner to add some taste. If you prefer it nice and simple, you can never go wrong with the cheese, ham and tomato recipe.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is perfect because of its versatility and how easy it is to make. All you need to do to make fried rice is put some steamed rice in a pan with some soya sauce. Then just add some meat, egg, and vegetables. Fried rice, just like omelettes, are great because you can throw in any leftover food to add some taste. Alternatively, if the idea of cooking on an open flame scares you, fried rice can also be cooked using a microwave in a cup. Healthy, easy and affordable!

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Toast

This meal has the best of both worlds; it’s super tasty but also nutritious. The soup is the last thing from difficult, because all you have to do is spend $1-$4 on a can of tomato soup and warm it up in a microwave. If you want, you can also add some veggies and meat to enhance the flavour. Tomato soup is packed with nutrients, as well as essential minerals and vitamins. The grilled cheese toast is not much harder to prepare. Literally spread some butter on the bread then add some cheese, preferably cheese that is recommended for melting. Then grill it on a pan, and voila you’re done. This meal has the nutritious, sweet, salty, goodness we all love.

Asian Style Tuna & Rice

This is a perfect dish for gym junkies. Tuna is awesome because it provides Omega 3 protein and can be bought pretty cheap. To add some extra taste, put a few cans of tuna in a bowl and pour in some soya sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chilli powder (optional) as well as some thinly-cut spring onion. Mix thoroughly and enjoy with some brown rice or salad.

Rice Cooker Dishes

If you have a rice cooker, you can cook entire meals in them – you don’t even need to go down to the shop to get cooked rice. Best part is while the food is cooking you can do something else. Examples include Claypot Chicken Rice, and Hainanese Chicken Rice, where you simply add meat, vegetables and seasonings into the pot, and press ‘Cook’.

Oatmeal and Banana

Breakfast is crucial, and you need to make sure the first thing you’re putting in your body is healthy and nutritious. This oatmeal and banana bowl is fantastic because it is super healthy and there is such a variety of toppings and flavours you can add. All you need is a sachet of instant oats and a banana, or a fruit of your liking. You can add your favourite nuts and seeds, or cinnamon, for taste and to make it that much healthier.