3 Toys to Make Filmmaking Awesome

Go back 38 years and you will see the first point-and-shoot autofocus camera released by Konica. From that moment on, photography has been hit by a never-ending wave of change. The idea of taking photos has changed drastically, with film taking centre stage. Advancement in technology and sparks of innovation have given us the chance to be our own filmmakers. You don’t need to be a professional to create stunning footage in the air or water with these unbelievably user-friendly toys.


The Action Cam
In 2004, the world got a glimpse of what it means to be versatile when a surfer wearing a GoPro around his head came crashing through the waves.


It was the first time a non-athlete saw through the eyes of an athlete. The action cam’s ability to withstand knocks and deep water allowed users to take incredible shots otherwise impossible. The revolutionary impact made by GoPro sparked a rise in the action cam industry with manufacturers such as Sony, TomTom, Casio and Panasonic joining in on the trend.

However, 10 years of the action cam trend had the world chanting in unison: “We want more!”

giphyThe Sky Cam

After conquering the land and the sea, the world’s search for something groundbreaking moved to the air – enter quadcopters and drones. Gone were the days man dreamt of flying in the air like Superman, drones gave us the option of capturing film on an unmanned device – there was no need to go through the waves when you could fly over them.

With a remote control, you can film landscapes like never before, trail moving objects, and even follow mountaineers in their ascent. Market dominators such as DJI and Yuneec pioneered the drone industry and changed the way videos were taken. The trend in skycams is still alive and strong with GoPro entering the drone market with Karma.


The 360 Cam

Videography at the same time has widened its horizons and arrived at the 360-degree camera. We no longer wish to simply view award-winning films in the comfort of our homes – we want to be immersed in the experience and take control of what we see. This is where we see videos piggybacking on other aspects of technology and moving into every part of our lives – with 360 films, you can use your mouse to move over the film and explore a full 360 degree view. Imagine playing an RPG where you can see all around you but you’re still in action. This is where innovation has brought us thus far.

With new trends arising as we speak (such as Nokia’s OZO – a combination of virtual reality and 360˚ cam), one thing is certain: Filmmaking technology is growing exponentially – in fact it is moving, literally. What will be next?

By: John Pravin