50 Alternative Travel Experiences in Singapore



A team of students from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Team Alternative, has put together an alternative guide of 50 native experiences that tourists (and curious locals) travelling around Singapore can partake it. Beyond the usual tourist trails lie a host of more local flavours.

“We hope to inspire travel experiences that go beyond the common definition of Singapore,” says Shona of NTU’s Team Alternative. Simply put, the activities and places listed in the 50 are very much local and native but steers clear from the iconic places in Singapore that tourists normally visit. The 50 experiences are curated and voted in by locals.

One such experience is the 63-hectare Dairy Farm Nature Park, once home to a dairy farm, at the foothills of Bukit Timah. Today, the farm offers multiple trails for biking and hiking to the public. The main attraction is the Wallace Trail, taking you through a beautiful forested area rich with fruit trees like durians, coconuts, jackfruits and sea apples. Look out for the remnants of kampung houses (made of attap palm or wood) that gives one an idea of what houses were like in the old days when Singapore was still a developing nation.

The team hopes that viewers will join in to inspire travel experiences that go beyond the common definition of Singapore. To check out their trails, visit thealternative.sg