7 Shocking Affairs From the Seats of Power to the Man on the Street

Betrayal leaves one flat and gasping for breath, angry, mistrustful and deeply hurt. The following cases show how far some people have gone to satisfy their urges, despite the collateral damage.

Anthony – MP

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When a picture of his bulging underwear became news, the married man pretended it was a prank by a hacker, but later admitted to posting it and engaging in several online relationships. Selfies of him in a locker room with very little clothes on forced his resignation from office.

John – MP

john edwards

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John met movie producer Rielle while campaigning for votes and began an affair with her, even hiring her as his behind-the-scenes videographer to secretly continue seeing her. When his wife Elizabeth answered his secret cell phone and found out, he lied that it was a one night stand. Just as Elizabeth fought a recurrence of cancer, Rielle was found to be pregnant, but John lied about his involvement to keep his reputation. After she gave birth, John was finally caught by the press while visiting them at the hospital. His wife began divorce proceedings when she heard, but died before they were complete.

Online Cheat – Jerk on the Street

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Rosemary saw a description that looked just like her on a web message board. The man seemed so enthusiastic to meet her and played the perfect gentleman. He treated her to meals, bought her presents and claimed to be looking for the right girl to start a family. They even ate all their meals together. Then he caved and confessed to being married, having children, and lying to her. What prompted the confession? His wife was coming home soon. Needless to say, she later divorced him.

Jude Law –  Actor

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After less than a year of marriage, Jude Law cheated on his wife Sienna with the babysitter of his three children. After the news became known, he issued a public apology to his wife. They separated in 2006.

Eliot – Governor

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He worked against government corruption and prostitution. Ironically, suspicious cash transfers brought to light the tens of thousands he had spent on prostitutes, forcing him to resign as governor. His wife Silda stood by him after the scandal broke, but they divorced six years later.

Newt – Serial Cheater

newt gingrich

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After having two daughters with his wife, Jackie, he began an affair with Marianne, and married her less than a year after his divorce from Jackie. During his second marriage, he again began a seven year affair with Callista who was 23 years younger.

Earl – Megachurch founder

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In 2005, a church singer sued Earl for forcing her into an affair with him, and he later confessed to it, swearing in court that it was the only affair he had had. A paternity test on his ‘nephew’ however revealed Earl had had sex with his brother’s wife. He pled guilty to lying under oath and was sentenced to 10 years probation and a fine.

Anyone can turn to the dark side (but mostly guys). Keep your guard up, your pants on and you won’t let your wife down.