Upcoming animations to watch



By Sharon Magdalene and image by Forwallpaper 

It’s only the second half of the year, and we’ve already had our fill of money-churning blockbusters like X-men, Captain America, Hunger Games, Transformers, etc. So, if you’ve had your fill of such power-packed films then you’ll be keen to experience a change in pace with these animation films that we’ve picked. A lot lighter and visually beautiful, and often with an inspiring, these animation films might just leave you lost in introspection.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (Japanese) (17th july)

Science Fiction / Animation

This sci-fi flick is set in space in the year 2020. With the advance technology in hand, humans have set up shop on other planets. As such, Earth is deemed a sacred planet and since humanity is forbidden from repopulating or encroaching the planet, Team Harlock is out to defend Earth from human interference.

Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants (English) (24th July)

Adventure / Animation / Family

Set in the depths of a peaceful forest, a ruthless war between ant colonies occurs. The rivals struggle to gain control of their prize: a box of sugar cubes. Amidst the war, an unlikely friendship begins between a ladybug and a black ant.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (English) (7Aug)

Adventure / Comedy / Animation

Need I say more? Our favourite childhood Saturday morning cartoon is hitting the big screen as it just got remade into an action-comedy film, with Megan Fox starring as fearless reporter April O’Neil. A mix of animation set in current times, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is definitely worth a watch.

Planes: Fire And Rescue (English) (4th Sep)

Comedy / Animation

Just like “Cars” from Pixar, this is another motivating story, but from an aviation point of view. Highflyer (literally) Dusty is an air racer who has his engines damaged and may never race again. Equipped with a fighting spirit, watch how Dusty transforms himself to the hero he can truly be.

The Boxtrolls (English) (11th Sep)

Fantasy / Animation

Based on a children’s novel ‘Here Be Monsters’, a young orphaned boy named Eggs is raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors. With an evil exterminator looking to destroy each one of them, Egg now has to find a way to save his loved ones.

The Penguins Of Madagascar (English) (27th Nov)

Adventure / Animation

A spin-off from the Madagascar films, these penguins get their own movie now. Expect crazy, bizarre  adventures that these penguins would put themselves in. Watch these beloved penguins battle their archenemy, an evil bottlenose dolphin with red lobsters as their minions!