A camera with 16 lenses


by Rin Yeo

If you think Nokia and its 41 megapixel camera phone tops the chart of having one of the highest MPs in a compact camera (yes, we know, essentially it’s a phone), think again, as here comes Light L16 – a camera which boast up to 52 megapixels, and get this: it does not have merely one lens, or two.

It has 16!

Each of the 16 lenses fires at different focal lengths, and together with a computational software found within the camera itself, every pixel is then maximized and assembled together. The cool and interesting thing about the function of each lenses too, is that when importing to a computer, every single shot by each lens can be viewed within the master shot.

Pretty neat huh?

With an easy to use operating system and portability, there is absolutely no need for additional equipment too, rendering bulky DSLR pointless in a way. It even has a touchscreen interface, along with editing shortcuts and even social network sharing. In addition to that, the camera also provides excellent low-light performance, given how much data each lens would be able to pick up altogether.

Currently, a limited quality of the Light L16 would be available for pre-order at USD$1,300 on 7 November. To learn more about it, you can check out the camera here.