All about Disney collabs | Campus

By Cheong Wen Xuan

It’s everyone’s favourite mouse’s birthday… yes, you heard right, Mickey Mouse is turning 90! Loved by all generations, Disney has been bringing magic to people of all ages for almost a century. Mickey was created at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928 as a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a previous Disney character. After debuting publically in the now-iconic short film Steamboat Willie, Mickey proved to be a hit, and quickly grew to become the company’s signature mascot. Now, 90 years later, Mickey still remains one of the most well-loved and well-known characters in the world.

For Mickey’s 90th anniversary, lots of brands are partnering up with Disney. Here are some of my favourite collaborations:

Colourpop – Colourpop x Disney Princesses Collection

I could gush about this forever. As a lifetime lover of Disney Princesses and makeup, I used to play with my mum’s cosmetics as a little girl, trying to transform myself into Ariel or Sleeping Beauty. And now, with this collection, Colourpop has finally made all my princess-obsessed little girl dreams come true. Their colour schemes are reminiscent of the Princesses themselves – a hardcore Disney fan can catch the obvious references. All products come in the same Colourpop formulas, and the shades are bold and colourful, yet versatile enough to create neutral day looks or daring nighttime styles.

Poh Heng – Mickey & Minnie Stunning Silhouette Collection

Well-known local jewellery chain Poh Heng has collaborated with Disney to produce a glitzy jewellery line for women out there who aren’t ready to let go of their childhood just yet. The minimalistic trademark outlines of Mickey or Minnie are encrusted with diamonds, and you can choose from a bracelet, a necklace, or a set of dainty earrings, either in 18K white gold or 22K yellow gold. The designs are simple enough that they don’t come across as overkill, yet glamorous enough to brighten a casual outfit – it’s the perfect way to bling up any ensemble.

Vans – Young at Heart Collection

Calling all sneakerheads: Vans has truly outdone itself with its plethora of Disney merchandise! With the brand boasting three different sub-collections featuring our favourite characters from Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmatians, and The Jungle Book, we’ve never been more spoiled for choice. Each collection has a different vibe and colour scheme to it – Alice in Wonderland brings us on a trip down the rabbit hole with its psychedelic prints, 101 Dalmatians keeps it spunky and fun with it’s monochromatic colour scheme and pops of red, and The Jungle Book instantly transports us to the tropics with its floral prints! Perfect for all of us who will always be young at heart, and who are always looking to relive our childhood.

Uniqlo – Love & Mickey Mouse Collection

This is one of the more high-profile collabs that everyone is sure to have seen! Everyone needs a basic tee in their wardrobe – they’re easy to pair, versatile, and comfortable. Uniqlo has always been loved for their basic tees, and now, with sweet pastel colours and simple sketches of Mickey and Minnie printed on the front, they’re even harder not to love. They are slightly oversized with long sleeves and a wide cut, and will be the perfect addition to any hypebeast’s/hypebae’s hipster couture collection.

H&M – The Mickey Mouse Collection

Despite being quite similar to Uniqlo’s Love & Mickey Mouse collection, H&M sets itself apart by pairing the graphics with an outline of the text “MICKEY MOUSE” in a fun, spunky font. Their pieces are quite basic, and you get to choose from t-shirts, sweaters, and even dresses! Compared to Uniqlo’s pastel colours, H&M experiments with brighter, bolder colours, such as salmon pink and deep red. Overall, this gives the collection a more in-your-face feel as compared to Uniqlo’s more subdued one, making it perfect for those who are more unabashed about their Disney fanaticism!

Toms – Disney Snow White Collection

Toms has released an entire collection featuring all our favourite Snow White characters. The collection includes three different styles – slip-ons, lace-up sneakers, and their signature, distinctive shoe. What’s even more magical about this pretty collection of shoes is that 1) for every pair bought, one pair is donated to a beneficiary in need, 2) they’re designed by an all-female team of artists, and 3) they’re made without animal ingredients, so they’re cruelty-free and vegan-friendly! Now that’s something I can definitely get behind.

Cath Kidston – Disney Snow White x Cath Kidston Collection

I’m noticing a theme – Snow White seems to be the most popular Disney Princess among brands. But one can never forget about her seven little leading men, which is why I’m loving the pajama set featuring cute pastel prints of the dwarves with pretty blossom flowers! It’s quirky yet not gaudy, just like the black tall tote bag with prints of flowers shrouding Snow White and her iconic poisoned apple. The contrast of the bright colours against the black background makes this the prettiest item in the collection, IMO.

Melissa x Disney Capsule Collection

The first thing that strikes me is how some of the designs resemble the iconic chunky shoes of Mickey and the gang themselves. The entire collection is made of Melissa’s trademark plastic material, and comes in a variety of colours and styles: you can keep it simple with plain black sandals, or add a pop of colour to your outfit with bright orange shoes, flaunting Donald and Daisy appliques at the toes. The pastel pink shoes in the Mini collection are distinctively Minnie (pun not intended), and even have adorable Minnie and Mickey appliques on them. These plastic shoes are also waterproof – perfect for Singapore’s rainy weather right now! You don’t have to worry about accidentally splashing in puddles, as you can just rinse down your feet and the shoes! This collection also features the OG Disney crew, with Goofy and Donald starring alongside Mickey and Minnie.