The Amazon’s Newest Inhabitants


Purring Monkeys

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By: Annabelle Maria Jeffrey

Cats purr, dogs bark and ducks quack. Each animal has its own distinctive sound, which means that you would never hear a goat hiss. Think again! We now have monkeys that purr. Yes, that’s right, purring monkeys.

Caqueta titi, also known as red-bearded or bushy bearded titi monkey, is one of  20 species of titi monkeys. Found in the South American rainforests, specifically in the Amazon basin, these monkeys have long furry tails, soft glossy fur and small round heads with flat faces. Titi monkeys, depending on the species, may be dark brown, reddish or gray, like the Caqueta titi, which are known for their red beards and chestnut red fur. These monkeys weigh less than 2kg and they measure around 25-60 cm. That’s less than the weight of a newborn baby!


The Caqueta titi, like other monkey species, form small close-knit groups that are shepherded by a pair of adults. Because of their gestation period these minute mammals raise one baby per year. Baby Caqueta titis have an endearing trait; they make purring noises resembling cats when they are content with each other. Now isn’t that just adorable!

Oh my, that’s unique. So many new animal species – just wish we could see them here in Singapore.