Attack of the robots?


Earlier in one of our posts below (link here), we mentioned about the rise of robots and drones taking over some of our jobs. While they look like they know what they are doing, it seems like these robots can be up to some mischief and mayhem nonetheless!

In February 2015, a South Korean woman found herself to be the victim of a robot vacuum cleaner ”attack“ as she set the gadget to do its work while she took a nap on the floor. Unfortunately for her, the vacuum cleaner mistook her hair for dust, and proceeded to suck it up instead, waking her up in the process. As she was unable to free herself from the ‘clutches’ of the robot, she had to call the fire department with a “desperate rescue plan” and was subsequently separated from the robot by paramedics without any serious injury.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.09.56 pm

Yet, while she may be the first woman to be “partially eaten” by a Roomba, she was not the first to suffer under the ‘power’ of robots. Back in 2011, a mobile home was razed to the ground by a heavily armed police robot firing advanced triple-warhead gas grenade as police tried to end a day-long standoff with a fugitive. Ironically, the robot was supposed to be “flameless” and was only supposed to throw gas grenades, but it somehow managed to have heated up the gas and caused it to be lit instead.

If that’s not enough, there’s more. A Roomba in Austria had apparently decided it has had enough and wanted to prove a point to its owner no less. After being left on the work surface to clean up some spilled cereal and had been switched off, it managed to reactivate itself and made its way on to the kitchen hotplate, pushing a cooking pot out of the way, and setting itself on fire.

The aftermath? All that was left of it was just a pile of ash and the house suffered smoke damage.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.31.16 pm