Three Unusual Christmas Ideas


Christmas is coming and being savvy shoppers, we’re sure that you’ll be off to get unique gifts for your special ones. Since you can get almost anything in Singapore, what can be considered atypical?

Send a piece of yourself. As jewelry.
If you’re planning to gift someone a piece of jewelry, and want to have something truly unique, you may want to check out China-based artist Yi Zhou‘s jewelry collection called ‘Body Memory’. These are not for your average I-love-sparkly-things kind of person – these quirky pieces are made of plaster and are actually casts of body parts (fingers, lips, etc).


But for a much more personal touch, you can literally send your friend pieces of yourself – just make an appointment with the artist (based in Beijing) and she’ll make a cast of a body part of your choosing (including fingers, lips, nipples, teeth, etc). Dressed in a doctor’s outfit, she goes by the moniker Dr. Yi Zhou. Your custom jewelry will take a week to finish – as a necklace, ring or earring – and sent to you. No budget? There’s always Art Friend…

Most Expensive Meat Experience
If you’re the type that loves to share extravagant dinners rather than presents, perhaps you might like to try ‘aged beef’ – basically organic beef that ‘hibernates’ by being stored in -43ºC environment and having cold air blown at speeds of 120km/h over the meat. Kind of like storing the meat in the Arctic. Polmard’s aged beef – a 2000 vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak) – can command €3,000.


You won’t be able to find the meat in Singapore; the closest place where you can try this succulent piece of meat is in Hong Kong’s 2-Michelin-starred Caprice restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. A recent lunch event featuring Polmard’s Rare Millesime Cote de Boeuf (Vintage 2000) went for HK$5,500 per person – excluding wine. And good luck reserving a seat.

Scary Haircut Experience
What do you get when you cross a hairdresser with Edward Scissorhands? Someone called Alberto Olmedo, apparently. You can give your loved one a haircut of a lifetime – if they survive, that is. Alberto is a hairdresser who uses not only scissors to cut hair, he adds a blowtorch, claws, and swords to his armory.

This Spanish salon owner claims to give symmetrical haircuts because he cuts both sides at the same time –using a pair of swords (yikes), and claws (watch out). As if that’s not enough stress for the customer, he also burns their hair. Whether it’s a farce or a foolhardy venture, you can see him in action above.