Mood-reflecting Car


What mood are you in?

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By: Lakshmi Ganesan

Your car is often said to speak volumes about your personality. But what if your car does more than that and is now able to emote your mood? There are now cars that switch colours according to your mood.

This particular car is the Peugeot RCZ – made by a French car manufacturing company in the UK. The psychomatric coating of paint (aka mood paint) on this car helps detect the driver’s mood through heat sensors that are embedded into the steering wheel of the car. But are these sensors accurate? What if one were having a fever? Well, Peugeot has even covered those doubts – for the heat sensors don’t just detect your body temperature, but your pulse rate as well.

So, once the car detects your mood, the psychomatric paint modifies its molecular structure in order to produce light at different wavelengths, which we then see as different colours. According to RCZ, yellow stands for joy, red for rage, dark blue for a little depressed and green for relaxed. A 4-in-1 coloured car, for those who like variety in their car. But, beware, for the car only changes its colour once a day – so, make sure you’re in the right mood when you first touch the car everyday.

Enough chit-chat, though. Do you want to see the real thing? Click here to watch the video below (p.s. fast-forward to 00:56 to see the car switch colors)

Nah, I doubt I’d buy a mood-changing car. One color is good enough for a car. Plus, there’s no need to put all my emotions on display. Still, a mood-changing car is a unique idea -I might just go check it out if it were available in Singapore.