Check out some upcoming BL dramas on Viu |

If you’re a fan of BL dramas from Asia, then you’ll already know of a few streaming sites you can watch them from, including Viu. Over the past few months, it’s been slowly building its roster of BL drama titles to satisfy the huge demand for the genre, which feature M/M relationships.

Korean BL titles

Viu has been specialising in bringing Korean content to its viewers, so it’s no surprise that some of the most recent titles it’s added include two Korean BL dramas. Color Rush and To My Star, both of which are available on the site now, as well as the upcoming You Make Me Dance, feature gorgeous up-and-coming actors.

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You Make Me Dance

Shi On (left) in You Make Me Dance, via Viu

Releasing every Friday from Feb 26, You Make Me Dance is a highly-anticipated title from the same production house behind popular BL titles like Where Your Eyes Linger and Mr Heart. This story centres around an aspiring contemporary dancer who dances his way out of debt, and his debt collector.

When Shi On the dancer gets kicked out of his family home, he decides to pursue his ambition and meets Hong Seok, a debt collector who’s seeking his repayment. As fate would have it, they both share a rooftop apartment, and spending time together has changed Hong Seok’s perspective on life. The duo soon forms a close bond that turns romantic, except their fledging love story could be derailed by two other individuals: a CEO and a senior student. Shi On is played by Chu Young Woo, and Hong Seok by Won Hyung Hoon.

Color Rush

Based on a webtoon, Color Rush is a fantasy genre involving Monos and Probes – Monos are people who see the world in black and white, and only their Probes can bring colour into their lives. Because of this, Monos are known to be possessive and violent with their Probes.

The story centres on Yeon Woo, a Mono who’s just transferred to a new high school where he meets Yoo Han, who happens to be his Probe. While at first rejecting the idea of being close to Yoo Han, Yeon Woo slowly feels himself drawn to his Probe, who just can’t stop butting into his life; but why? The series stars Hyun Jun (formerly of boy band The Boyz) as Yoo Han, and Yoo Jun as Yeon Woo.

To My Star

This tells the story of a popular, cheery actor who wants to lay low in order to avoid media scrutiny, and he happens to move into the home of an aspiring chef with a perpetual sour face. Will actor Seo Jun and chef Ji Woo be able to reconcile their differences in personality in order to live together in harmony, or will Seo Jun’s attraction to Ji Woo cause friction to the latter’s reluctance to ‘veer off the path’?

This is a story of a sometimes sweet, sometimes salty romance – and features a scene in the last episode that was much talked about among the BL community. This series stars Son Woo Hyun as Seo Joon and Kim Kang Min as Ji Woo.

Taiwanese BL titles

Viu also has a few Taiwanese BL titles, namely the hugely popular HIStory series which includes HIStory 3: Trapped and HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count, both of which first aired in 2019. Both titles will stream on Viu from March 9, prior to the premiere of HIStory 4: Close To You.

HIStory 4: Close To You

Mu Ren (left) & Li Chen (right) in Close To You via Viu

Coming out on March 14 (same time telecast as Taiwan at 9pm), the latest installment of the HIStory series tells the story of wedding planner Li Chen (Charles Tu), who asks a male co-worker Mu Ren (Ansen Chen) to be his date – in order to get the attention of the person he really wants: a female co-worker Mei Fang who is a ‘fujoshi’ (a woman who’s obsessed with m/m relationship stories). However, he ends up falling in love with Mu Ren for real.

The series also showcases another m/m couple: medical student Fu Yong Jie and his older stepbrother.

A synopsis of HIStory 3: Trapped, the story of a police officer who becomes trapped in the underworld when he develops feelings for a gang leader, can be found here. HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count focuses on high schoolers Hao Ting and Xi Gu who’re polar opposites: one’s an extrovert, the other an introvert. But Hao Ting notices that he has the unique ability to bring Xi Gu out of his shell – and becomes intent on melting his cold-as-ice exterior.

Other BL series

One of the biggest BL drama hits in Japan is undoubtedly Ossan’s Love (which we’ve covered here) which was released in 2018, followed by the sequel Ossan’s Love – In The Sky – in 2019. Both titles are currently available for streaming on Viu.

Ossan’s Love – In The Sky

Ossan’s Love (大叔的愛)

This series, due out in June (date TBC), is actually a Hong Kong remake in which office worker Tat Hung (Haruta) is pursued by both his boss KK (Kurosawa) and his roommate Siu Muk (Maki). The series will have 15 episodes, and stars Kenny Wong as KK, with Edan Lui as protagonist Tat Hung and Anson Lo as Siu Muk – the latter two are members of HK boy band MIRROR.