Crowd-funding – where ideas come to life


Crowd-funding is nothing new – from Kickstarter to Indiegogo, the number of sites that allows people to get funding for their ideas have grown over the past few years. Yet, one thing is for sure – the ideas that people come up with never fails to amaze us!

From the Oceans Far and Wide

For the Biology students out there who are struggling, this might be something that would make a great gift! Featuring a tee that allows you to “see” inside of your body, it makes for a great learning experience, as the various organs comes to life through your phone or a VR headset. Gone are the days where you have to use your imagination and transpose the image onto your friends and family as you figure out where each organs is at in the body now!

Fans of Harry Potter would only be all to familiar with the moving photos which seem to be a norm of the wizarding world within. While digital photo frames clearly can be the representation of those photos these days, here’s another conception that probably bridges the gap between our (Muggle) world and theirs – videos that come to life from a still photo on your phone! That way, you won’t have to worry about figures darting around in and out of their frames!

From the Shores that are Closer

A More Beautiful World Visual Novel
If you think animation and games have no place here in Singapore, despite the Sandcrawler being located here producing works like the animated Star Wars series, think again. This visual novel launched with much focus from both the hobbyist circles to even media and surpassed their target even! You can still grab a digital copy of it by supporting them via their crowd-funding site.

VARIO straps
Changing your watch straps can be a real hassle, especially if you need something to match the mood. You can have many watches, but hey, what if you really like just one? With these straps, gone are the days that you will need to visit someone just to get your watch straps changed!

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