Death by Cockroach Infestation: 6 Ways to Stave Off A Roach Apocalypse

By Vincent Tan

Feature image belongs to Steve Lodefink

They are able to survive decapitation and even a nuclear bomb. If they weren’t so disgustingly alive you could swear they were undead.

Just like zombies however, it’s important to know how to kill your resilient enemy to avoid wasting your effort, or worse

For instance a woman in Taiwan who discovered a roach in the toilet, whacked it, wrapped it in tissue, crushed it, and then strangely set it on fire. When she tossed it into the toilet, it ignited the detergents and blew apart the seat like a mini-bomb

In the UAE, a man tried to end his cockroach infestation using illegal pesticide, but poisoned a neighbour when the toxic fumes seeped out through the air conditioning system. 

Let’s not lose our heads (metaphorically speaking).

While some bright minds work on cyborg roaches that can maybe be used to kill their own kind, here are some saner ways to fight the creeping menace.



catnip cat - pixabay free

This member of the mint family is proven to drive cats nuts and cockroaches out of the house. 100 times more repellent than DEET, it can be found at local pet stores, or brewed into a tea from fresh catnip. Spritz the solution into dark corners to roll out the “Not-Welcome” mat.


Gel Bait

This slow-acting poison is irresistible to nymph and adult roach alike. A few small dabs attract swarms of roaches and cause death within hours. Those that die in the nest help spread the poison there. (Note: This product is only available to exterminators in Singapore.)

Diatomaceous earth (food grade)

diatomaceous earth

Image belongs to Dawid Siodłak

This non-toxic dust is the skeletons (how appropriate!) of tiny plankton. A light layer scattered across soil, plants, or crevices absorbs the oils from a cockroach’s shell, and causes injuries with tiny rough edges, eventually dehydrating the insect. Insect deaths can be expected within two weeks, although fresh layers are required after rain or cleaning.


Vaseline trap

A jar with a slight bottleneck can act like a venus fly trap. Pour enough wine or fruit juice to drown the insects, then daub a ring of vaseline around the jar’s inside. Masking tape on the outside helps the bugs climb up while the slippery vaseline prevents escape.

Duct Tape trap

This trap is effective against small cockroaches (and of course, ants). Take a short piece of very sticky duct tape and place bait (onion or peanut butter) firmly in the middle. Put it in a dark corner or on top of the fridge overnight to see results.


Try this natural, powerful roach killer that is also 100% free:

House lizard

Although that may be worse for some people than the cockroaches.