Video Game Murder

These days, it seems that more people can benefit from anger management since they seem to be killing people over the most trivial things. Like food.

A man was recently murdered over a bag of Cheetos, while a guy shot 5 people in his neighbourhood over his ‘cold eggs‘. But food isn’t the only thing attracting trigger-happy customers – wait till you see the type of things people do for the love of video games.

LESSON 1: Never make a gamer angry

Gamers are known to be very, shall we say, “touchy”; and no one is safe. Not even the ones they love, apparently.

A couple – Aisha Barr (28) and her boyfriend Christopher Greene (26)  – were arguing over their Xbox console when things got physical: she stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife. He died in hospital from his injury. Ironically, Aisha has pled not guilty to stabbing him, and is currently in jail awaiting trial.

But that’s nothing compared to what Kendall Anderson (16) did. After a 90-minute long argument with his mother, she confiscated his PS2 – possibly because of his addiction to gaming. That triggered Kendall’s full-blown lunacy – he waited a full three hours before attacking her in her sleep, striking her twenty times with a hammer. That didn’t kill her, so he dragged her to the kitchen oven and tried to cremate her to destroy the evidence. When that didn’t work (tough mother, eh?), he finally bludgeoned her to death with a chair leg and dumped her body in an alley. Kendall has been tried as an adult and faces up to 50 years in jail.

A few years ago in a crowded internet cafe in Kaohsiung, a teenager actually stabbed another gamer to death with a watermelon knife – in front of the surveillance cameras. The scary thing? Nobody tried to stop him, and one lone female gamer continued gaming even when she was spattered with blood. Nobody knows why the teen was so murderous. Meanwhile in China, another gamer named Zhao blew his fuse when the connection dropped at the internet cafe he was in. He marched over to the owner, and ended up killing him with a hammer blow to the head – even the owner’s wife wasn’t spared the same treatment. But that didn’t quell his anger, so he set the entire cafe on fire.

LESSON 2: Never try to sell your second-hand console to a teen

This is because these ‘buyers’ don’t want to buy – they want it for free. Take the case of Miguel Navarro (16) – he was about to sell his Xbox to Aaron Ott (19), and when the older boy showed up with a gun to the exchange, you knew it wouldn’t go well for Miguel. Ott was later apprehended and charged with armed robbery and first degree murder. All for an Xbox.

Daniel Zeitz (28) also found out the hard way when he agreed to sell his PS4 to Nathaniel Vivian (20) and Kayla Dixon (16). When Daniel resisted the heist, Kayla opened fire, shooting Daniel fatally in the chest and wounding her boyfriend in the process. The couple was later arrested after seeking medical attention for Nathaniel’s wound. Nathaniel is currently awaiting trial, while Kayla got slapped with 40 years of jail time for murder.

LESSON 3: Don’t deprive a gamer

They say, you can tell how advanced a society is by the way they treat their prisoners. So when an inmate threatens a hunger strike, you know it’s probably serious. Take the case of a prisoner in Norway who threatened a hunger strike due to the “torture” he received – apparently, among other things, having to play video games on a PS2 instead of a PS3. He claimed that he was being treated “worse than an animal”. The irony? The man in question is actually Anders Breivik, the notorious Norwegian mass murderer responsible for killing 69 people in 2011.

At least a hunger strike isn’t typically deadly. In China, there have been cases of rebellious teens killing their parents over restrictions on video games. For example, a middle schooler in Henan fed his parents poison so that they would be hospitalised, leaving him in peace to play on his computer. However, the poison was too potent, and his parents died.

We’re not saying gaming (or eating fast food for that matter), maketh a murder. It’s just food for thought. The real lesson here is: stay the hell away from addicted psychopath gamers.