Dirty Dancing-The Classic Story On Stage

The biggest live theatre sensation of all time

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By Olivia Kim Young Ah and photos by Foo Rong en

Dirty Dancing arrives in Theatres at Marina Bay Sands Singapore for the very first time. The musical, which was seen by millions across the globe, has finally arrived in Singapore after their world tour in countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa and many more.

For those who have not heard of it yet, Dirty Dancing is the worldwide smash-hit musical, which was made into movies, and musicals with amazing background music and dances. The classic story of the musical is about Baby and Johnny, two independent and adventurous young souls from different worlds coming together to experience the most challenging summer of their lives. We will be able to catch familiar songs that we have been hearing for ages like “Hey Baby”. “Do you Love Me?” as well as “Time Of My Life.”

When asked about their experiences working on the show, Bryony, Luigi and Mila told us how they dreamt of being on the stage and they could not believe it when they were cast as the leads. Also, Mila shared how Dirty Dancing is different from other musicals because everybody speaks same language in the musical-“Dance”. Dirty Dancing does not only feature dance moves but it also showcases different dances like Tango and Latin dance which require quick steps with sophisticated arm movements.

Besides the exotic and funky dance moves in the musical, their outfits were amazing. Alan, the director shared with the audience that there are approximately 250 costume changes during the show and each dancer roughly changes their outfits 23 times on average in 15 seconds for smooth cinematic flow. He also added that “Change” is a very important theme in this production. Furthermore, Alan said he is really happy to be working with the MBS Theatre where the stage is equipped with the latest technology and the brilliant structure that maximises the production quality. Not to forget, the harmony between the live band and the performers made the show vivid and dynamic.