Dog-walking, Baking, and Other Circuit Breaker Habits |

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Laziness is a CB lifestyle

We’ve officially entered Phase 1 after the end of Circuit Breaker (CB). While some people have been very productive by staying at home over the roughly 2-month period, some have become downright annoying – but one question remains: will people still be sticking to their habits after the CB is completely over?

Here are some of the habits people have cultivated during the CB:

Posting home workout videos

The CB has seen gym rats going “Noooo! My gains!”, but everybody from influencers to bored people have been posting their home workout videos during their home confinement. While some are posting to keep themselves motivated, some are doing to show off their bods, and some are doing it for their audience of 2.

Image by jemafg from Pixabay

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Posting baking videos

It’s obvious the key to overcoming this scary virus lies in posting more baking videos. Flour has been in short supply over the past 2 months thanks to the rise (get it?) of home bakers. Of course, there are many reasons why people knead the dough, so we won’t judge.

Exercising out of the blue

If you haven’t been out at the parks lately, you wouldn’t have noticed that there is a significant increase in the number of people who’ve suddenly decided to exercise (or at least go for evening strolls). It seems as if people who normally stay a home a lot are suddenly realising that they need to get out more – after they’re told to stay at home.

Showing off meals

People have also been posting home-cooked food as regularly as they do their morning business. Some have even made a cooking show out of it – you know who you are. Then there are those those paleo or vegan types who’ve made a press conference out of eating healthy, complete with a description of their food that we don’t bother reading.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Dog walking

People have mysteriously come out of the woodwork to suddenly walk their dogs in person (we’ve even seen people walk cats on a leash). Have they forgotten they have a dog previously? Dog adoptions have also gone through the roof during CB because people want companionship and a reason to go outdoors – remember folks, a dog is for life, not just CB.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Zoom everything

Zoom has taken over the meeting-sphere, whether it’s for school assignments, classes, or even social gatherings. When Phase 2 post-CB kicks in, and people can meet up in person, many will probably wish they’d followed the healthy eating and home workout videos. And maybe walk the dog a bit more.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Taking selfies

While people already normally do this, the CB has seen a rise of selfies because they’ve been cooped up at home for a wee bit too long. Just stop it with the bathroom selfies already…

bathroom selfie

Most of us would no doubt be ecstatic once Phase 2 rolls around. The question is, how will we react to finally being able to sit down to dine at our favourite eatery? Will we cry tears of joy like the boy who cried when he finally had his McNuggets when McDonald’s opened after a month of closure?

The 9-year old was so overjoyed to be eating McDonald’s again that he cried tears of joy